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How We Make Money Selling Premium WooCommerce Plugins

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This is a guest article by Katie Keith, co-founder of UK WordPress agency Barn2 Media. We loved her story about how to make money with WordPress and her advice on moving full-time into plugin development, and we’re happy to share what she’s learned with you!

A lot of people have written about how competitive WordPress has become and how difficult it is to make money with WordPress from products such as themes and plugins. Others believe there’s still plenty to be thankful for in WordPress.

When Coding, Make the Smallest Possible Change

After you develop for a while, and especially if you keep an ear out for wisdom that others offer, you get some habits. Those habits aren’t things you consciously think about, but they can make a big difference. I recently discovered that one such habit I have is that I always want to make the smallest possible change to the code I can. This often leads to simpler solutions. Today, I’m going to try to explore that intuition in a way that I hope will convince you of it being right.

What WordPress Means to Me

With Gutenberg in the wings, the WordPress community is full of lots of tumult. People are worried that the WordPress they’ve built their business and career on is suddenly going to become something else. Something with different priorities, goals, or methods than they expected.