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How to Link to Page Content From a WordPress Navigation Menu

By Joe Warnimont
WordPress link to section of page

Want to create a WordPress link that takes users straight to a specific section of a page? On WordPress, you can link to a section of a page by using “anchor links.” The idea is to more easily provide users the ability to move around a website because you can guide users to a very specific section of a page or post.

How to Migrate Your Site With All-in-One WP Migration (2023)

By John Hughes
all-in-one WP migration

There are times when you might need to migrate your WordPress site. For instance, you might want to move your local site to a live server, or switch to a new web host. In these cases and more, it’s helpful to have a tool like the All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

How to Set Your Site Icon (Favicon) in WordPress

By David Hayes

One thing every WordPress site should have is a site icon, also called a “favicon”—the little tiny image that shows up in your browser tabs to let you tell one site from another. Ours at WPShout is a orange circle with a bullhorn inside it, so you which tabs are us. For the more visually-inclined, […]

How and Why to Make a BASH Alias

By David Hayes

This Quick Guide covers a common question whose lingo may confuse newbies: how do I make a Bash shell alias? For those for whom that sentence was Greek—let start here: Bash is the “Bourne Again Shell.” (There’s not relationship to the Matt Damon movie character, for better or worse. ;p) In the world of “command […]

Where are WordPress Pages Stored & How to Find Them

By David Hayes
where are wordpress pages stored

It’s a very reasonable question: where are WordPress pages stored? There are a lot of ways to answer it though. Without getting too pedantic, we really need to understand a few different levels of the questions to really give a good answer.

When & How to Use Noopener Noreferrer in WordPress

By David Hayes

It’s pretty common for WordPress folks to start looking harder at their page’s HTML from time to time. If you find yourself doing that, you may see this rel=”noreferrer noopener” on some links. What’s noopener noreferrer? You’re in the right place to find out. Short answer: it’s a security measure for when you want a […]

How to Connect UpdraftPlus to Dropbox

By David Hayes

WordPress sites have lots of good backup options. But if you’re looking to save money on file-storage (and you already have a Dropbox account) I can’t recommend UpdraftPlus much more highly. It is quick-to-configure and very reliable as a place to keep a backup of your WordPress site. In this Quick Guide we’ll cover the […]

How to Replace Images or Media Files on a WordPress

By David Hayes
a screenshot of the before and after when you replace images on WordPress

If you find yourself working with a lot of images or other media files in WordPress, chances are good that at some point you’ll need to change a file’s content while still keeping links and image placement the same. The best way we’ve found to do this is with a free plugin called “Enable Media […]

How to Enlarge an Image in WordPress (Lightboxes!)

By David Hayes

Whether you’re writing about technical topics or something even more visually demanding like art, sometimes you just want to make a picture bigger in WordPress. That can mean a number of things, from how it appears on the page to what happens when you click it. We’ll shortly cover the first case, and then spend […]

Better Post Lists with CodePress Admin Columns

By David Hayes

In this week’s Quick Guide we’re covering how to improve your “post lists” screens in WordPress. That is, we’re taking control the look of your “posts”, “pages”, etc lists by changing what appears in those columns. We’ll do that using that Admin Columns plugin (which was called CodePress Admin Columns until fairly recently 😉). You […]