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Who Is Hosting This Website? Use Our Free Tool to Find Out Who Hosts Any Site (2024 Data)

Hosting Detector Chrome Extension

How to check who is hosting any website?

Use the website hosting checker above to check who is hosting any website on the internet. 👆👆👆

Start by entering a domain name into the field and click on the Detect button.

Here’s the info you’ll get about who’s hosting the website:

  • Name of the web host. You can go straight to that host and see the hosting plans they have available.
  • The IP address of the server. This is the unique web address that identifies the server that hosts the website you’re looking up.
  • The location of the server. This includes info like country, city, or region where the site’s server is located.
  • Other data like the DNS provider, server technology, and nameservers – useful for more advanced analysis.

How to check who runs your website’s servers?

Although answering a question like “who is hosting my website” seems simple enough – after all, you were the one buying that server space – there are some details you might not be aware of:

One of the facts of the hosting market is that not all hosting companies manage their own servers. In other words, although you might have bought your hosting setup from one company, that company might be leasing their server space from someone else.

Quite commonly in today’s market, cloud hosting companies like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud rent their server space to other operators. Those operators then resell the servers to their own clients.

Our website hosting checker tool tells you if that’s the case with your host.

Should you use the same host as the website you’re looking up?

If you’re using this hosting checker tool to look up a website you like, you might then be tempted to get the same hosting for your website as well.

Is that a good idea? Yes and no.

If the website does have good performance and loads fast, this gives you some confidence that your website might get similar benefits.

However, what you don’t know is the exact setup that the website is on. For example, if you find out that the website is hosted by Bluehost (a popular option), then this solves only half of the puzzle. You still don’t know if the website is on a cheap $2.75 shared hosting plan, $18.99 VPS hosting, or a fully-fledged dedicated server that might cost in the thousands of dollars.

Consequently, you really can’t be sure whether your website will get the same treatment as the website you’re looking up via the hosting checker.


How to pick ideal web hosting for your website?

You can only do this through research and careful consideration of your needs, what the nature of your site is, and what volume of traffic you expect to see.

The software you’re going to use to run the website plays a role as well. For instance, most hosts will allow you to run any type of software on their servers. However, some hosts have setups tailor-optimized for WordPress, which makes them a better solution if you’re indeed going to be building your site with WordPress.

Moreover, if you’re going to be making a website for a special purpose – like hosting a podcast, then you should look into more specialized types of hosting instead of your standard run-of-the-mill firm.

To solve all these riddles, we have a lot of hosting advice here on the site. Aside from the list of related posts we shared earlier, feel free to explore some of the other ones below if they are relevant to your needs:

Or, if you’re in a hurry, consider the following summary of the best entry-level hosting offers:

Top entry-level web hosting offers
Host Price from / mo. Sites Traffic (mo.) Disk Space Free Domain 24/7 Support
A2 Hosting $2.99 1 Unmetered Unmetered
Bluehost $2.75 1 Unmetered 50 GB
Cloudways $11.00 1 1 TB 25 GB
DreamHost $2.59 1 Unmetered 50 GB
Flywheel $13.00 1 ~ 5,000 visits / mo. 5 GB
GoDaddy $5.99 1 Unmetered 100 GB
GreenGeeks $2.95 1 Unmetered Unmetered
HostGator $3.75 1 Unmetered Unmetered
Hostinger $2.69 1 100 GB 10 GB
InMotion $2.29 2 Unmetered Unmetered
Kinsta $30.00 1 ~ 25,000 visits / mo. 10 GB
SiteGround $2.99 1 ~ 10,000 visits / mo. 10 GB
WP Engine $20.00 1 ~ 25,000 visits / mo. 10 GB

And here are some performance-related metrics of each of these web hosts:

Host Uptime Speed from the US Speed from Europe Speed from Asia
A2 Hosting 100% 0.95s 1.35s 2.95s
Bluehost 100% 1.13s 0.8s 2.17s
Cloudways 100% 1.21s 0.23s 1.43s
DreamHost 99.91% 1.92s 1.51s 3.09s
Flywheel 100% 0.86s 0.34s 0.27s
GoDaddy 99.96% 0.42s 0.34s 0.82s
GreenGeeks 99.98% 1.3s 0.5s 1.7s
HostGator 100% 0.6s 1.81s 3.93s
Hostinger 100% 1.42s 0.31s 1.66s
InMotion 99.87% 1.05s 1.17s 3.29s
Kinsta 100% 0.89s 1.14s 2.56s
SiteGround 99.98% 1.21s 0.32s 1.49s
WP Engine 99.99% 0.6s 1.39s 2.22s