Author: David Hayes

How to Compare the Features of WordPress Security Plugins (and Services)

As a part of WordPress Security with Confidence, I built a feature that I felt a lot of people were hungry for. It’s a comparison table of WordPress security plugins. It starts to take people along the journey from “security is a serious topic that I have no idea how to handle” and toward “security is a set of problems I can solve in a variety of ways.” That transition is my motivation for the course, and it’s also the motivation for something I just made free: Which, well, makes it easy to compare WordPress security plugins.

The WordPress Jargon Glossary

The WordPress Marketing team has put together a pretty cool resource: a guide to a lot of the weird lingo you’ll hear casually cast-off in WordPress conversations without context. While I hope that this can move to a more canonical place: (with a built-in quick-search feature) would be AMAZING, I love the approach that Bridget Willard and the team have taken to break down some of the unintended barriers that new people to WordPress face.

Come Speak at WordCamp Denver

If you’re in and around Colorado, or you just want an excuse to visit, you should come out to WordCamp Denver this year. Rather than just being a supporter, I’m on the organizing team this year.

How to Disable File Editing in the Admin Area of WordPress

With WordPress 4.9, you now get a warning when you’re about to make a change in the file editors in the WordPress back-end. (For those not following, I’m talking about the editor that you can find at Appearance > Editor, or Plugins > Editor on most WordPress sites.) This is great first-step, and does end one of arguments for disallowing editing of files in the WordPress admin side of the site. That is: people won’t know what that they could break their site when they make changes on those pages.

My Skillshare Course is Live: A Complete Site-Owner’s Guide to Securing Your WordPress Site

A few months ago, Skillshare got in touch and asked me to make a course for them. They’re trying to bulk up on great technical and WordPress content. On a lark, I decided to take them up on it. Flash forward to yesterday, and the course is finally live. It’s called, somewhat grandiosely, “A Complete Site-Owner’s Guide to Securing Your WordPress Site.” It’s really the most-essential subset of the content in WordPress Security with Confidence‘s Site Owner tier.