Author: David Hayes

BabaYaga, Self-Healing WordPress Malware

The team over at Wordfence have put together a study of a particular piece of WordPress malware. What makes the infection they’re calling BabaYaga interesting? This malware fights other infections for control of the site. This has been a little trend in the wider security field; interesting to see it’s come to WordPress.

How to Find and Remove Large Files on cPanel Hosting

Most web hosting today will have some limitation on the amount of storage they’ll allow you. Maybe it’s 1GB or 20, but at some point, you’ll get near the border of using too much disk space. When you do, you’ll probably have some large files on a cPanel hosting account. And when that’s true, you’ll want to remove them to get back under your storage quota. But it’s not very clear or intuitive how.

The Menace of WordPress Theme Creep

One of the first topics I ever wrote about on WPShout, I kind of thought that the topic of “theme creep” had died long ago. But a few times in the last few months–once with someone I’m mentoring in WordPress development, once with someone who was asking how to buy themes–I felt a need to mention this idea. So I’m revising and updating the original essays.

My Experience Working in a Code for America Brigade

For those who are really into WordPress community events, and world-wide, there’s do_action. For people in the US, there’s something called Code for America, and local brigades. My local brigade is called Code for Fort Collins, and I’m more-or-less in charge right now. The terms for this whole area aren’t super clear for me, some say “civic hacking”, some call it “charity hackathon”, I typically call it “trying to do good” which is maybe less useful. :p

Move a WordPress Site with the Duplicator Plugin

There are a lot of migration systems for WordPress. We’ve had lots of good experiences with All-in-One WP Migration. Some people swear by WP Migrate DB Pro. Others are partial to WP-CLI’s terminal-based systems. One of the few tools I’d never tried was Duplicator, but I recently did and I love it. I was very pleasantly surprised about a specific facet of it: I don’t need WordPress to get a new local copy of a remote WordPress site running on my local machine. You just pull down two files, put them in the same folder, and then you’re set. It’s great!