WordPress Articles from David Hayes

David B. Hayes is co-owner of WPShout. He's been using WordPress since 2007, and has a mature love (like an old married couple) for the content managment system. He's done loads of client work with it, uses it on a variety of personal projects, and generally thinks it's worth most people keeping it in their toolbox.

In addition to WordPress, he's into cycling, board games, and civic tech (running Code for Fort Collins). He also loves coffee and write about it at LowKeyCoffeeSnobs.com. And lastly (for this space) he writes about code beyond WordPress at Thoughtful Code.

Charts of WP Core in 2021

I’m a sucker for a pretty chart. And this post over on the Make.WordPress.org for WordPress Core really offers lots of pretty circles. I think there’s a lot of interesting things the charts highlight, most of all the diversity of people and contributions (which were trackable) to WordPress itself. As the charts make clear, they obvious vary in geography, company affiliation, and compenents on which they worked.

Wirecutter’s Website Builder for 2021: Wix

This is an interesting little tidbit for “the web industry” generally, and where it interfaces with real people with non-internet-focused lives and careers. The Wirecutter—the de facto site for time-starved yuppies to quickly find an acceptable-to-great version of a product category (aka, how I buy almost everything)—recommends Wix for those looking to make a website.

Understanding theme.json

One of the more consequential features of WordPress 5.8 I didn’t pay much attention to before it was released was theme.json. Which is “just another file in your WordPress theme” but also a whole lot more. I’ll just quote Jeff Ong from over on WordPress.org:

Justin Tadlock’s Take on WP Theming Today

Those of you who are newer to the WordPress space, just let me tell you that Justin Tadlock is a real WordPress OG (in my ~15 years experience #OfficiallyOld), so I take his opinions pretty seriously. So I thought his whole take on the “state of WordPress theming” is surely a good place to ground your attention and energy if you care about this topic.

Some Emoji-Accessibility Guidance

I’m not an accessibility expert, but I am a big emoji fan (as frequent readers may be aware 🤪). So I took a pretty keen interest in a story from Ryan Kan purporting to make me better at accessibility with specific regard to emojis.

Guide to the new Query Loop Block

I was talking with the current students in the Up and Running Bootcamp last week about the new Query Block in WordPress 5.8. I had to admit I’d not really played with it much myself. For that reason, I was quite excited that when I sat down to look for posts to share this morning with you all, I found this great little guide to it that Justin Tadlock put together over on the WP Tavern a few weeks ago.