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A Complete Guide to Object-Oriented PHP for WordPress Developers

One of the boogeymen that frighten a lot of newer WordPress developers are “objects” and object-oriented PHP. You kind of get it, you aspire to get it, but you just don’t really understand where any of this code comes from or leads. If that’s the case for you, stop and stay awhile. I’ll be going on at length but I feel pretty sure you’ll get a lot from this.

Create WordPress Custom Post Types without Code using Pods

WordPress Custom Post Types are what we call all the content types you might want to create for a site that are distinct from Posts and Pages. Here on WPShout, we’ve got one called Quick Guides, that’s what you’re reading now. New Custom Post Types (or CPTs) in WordPress are useful because your content probably fits into many conceptual categories, and Posts and Pages aren’t all of them.

Understand Caching with WordPress Transients API

Computer performance revolves, in large part, around the idea of caching: “storing something in a more-ready and quicker-to-access state,” so that you can more quickly deliver the final result. The WordPress Transients API is a tool for caching, and an important way to improve performance in WordPress.