Category: Back-End Development

The Menace of WordPress Theme Creep

One of the first topics I ever wrote about on WPShout, I kind of thought that the topic of “theme creep” had died long ago. But a few times in the last few months–once with someone I’m mentoring in WordPress development, once with someone who was asking how to buy themes–I felt a need to mention this idea. So I’m revising and updating the original essays.

Making Quick Custom Fields Interfaces with Pods

Custom fields are one of the more powerful aspects of WordPress. They’re also, by default, victims of just about the worst interface ever designed. The idea of capturing and using metadata is great, but a better interface helps a ton. Keeping up my current infatuation with the Pods plugin, here’s how it can help you make great interfaces to WordPress post meta data.

How to Search Through a WordPress Plugin’s Files with Sublime Text

One of the hardest things about debugging or extending WordPress plugins is often simply finding where a piece of code lives. A plugin may have many thousands of lines of code across dozens of PHP files, organized however the plugin developers thought made sense to them.

A Complete Guide to Object-Oriented PHP for WordPress Developers

One of the boogeymen that frighten a lot of newer WordPress developers are “objects” and object-oriented PHP. You kind of get it, you aspire to get it, but you just don’t really understand where any of this code comes from or leads. If that’s the case for you, stop and stay awhile. I’ll be going on at length but I feel pretty sure you’ll get a lot from this.