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WP Engine vs WordPress: What’s the difference?

Long-time WPShout readers—seasoned in the world of WordPress—may want to skip this one. But for those new to the world of WordPress, I was interested and cheered to get assigned a fun explainer out to you in this week’s Quick Guide. This week we’re covering the difference between a product (really “hosting company”) called WP Engine, and WordPress (an open-source project that can run on many different kinds of WordPress web hosting). I’ll get into the distinctions in those parentheticals even more below 🙂

How to Migrate your Site with All-in-One WP Migration

Migrating WordPress sites is a common and annoying task. Whether that’s between two different remote web servers, between a development server and production, or from production to local, there are lots of directions your WordPress site migration might flow. All-in-One WP Migration remains the tool of choice for us at WPShout most of the time. It’s certainly one of the best free ways to move a WordPress site.