Author: Tom Rankin

How to Create an Ecommerce Website With WordPress

How to create an ecommerce website with wordpress.

Use WooCommerce: In a nutshell, this is how to create an ecommerce website with WordPress. However, this is also a gross oversimplification. There’s lots to consider when it comes to a project like this. In fact, you should think about every action you take – even your preferred choice of ecommerce plugin.

An Introduction to WordPress Playground (Including Use Cases and Comments From Lead Dev)

wordpress playground

WordPress Playground could be the answer to a lot of problems. For the longest time, there hasn’t been a solid way to showcase WordPress products such as themes or plugins without complex hosting and demo setups. Also, replicating an error is often a minefield for a support team. WordPress Playground is an in-browser version of the platform that could solve all of these issues.

Defer Offscreen Images: How to Fix This Google Lighthouse Opportunity

defer offscreen images wordpress

Measuring your site’s performance has often been a hit or miss job. This is because the available tools didn’t give us a proper insight into the experience of the user relative to that site performance. However, Google Lighthouse fixes a lot of these drawbacks, and makes it so you can fit it into your development workflow. One of the ‘opportunities’ within Lighthouse is to defer offscreen images in WordPress. The good news is this is simple to achieve.

Python vs Java: The Key Differences You Should Know

python vs java

While it would be nice to flip open a laptop and begin to code, you have to think a lot about what language to use. This is true for both beginner and professional developers alike. For some projects, you won’t have this choice. However, if you have more freedom, you’ll want to compare Python vs Java. Both have power under the hood and intuitive syntax.

How to Stop a DDoS Attack

how to stop a ddos attack

Uptime is a primary concern for both front- and back-end developers, but it’s crucial for all sorts of server-side admins, too. Unfortunately, one of the most effective ways for bad actors to ruin your site is to take it down using a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack and reduce its uptime. As such, most of you who work with websites will want to know how to stop a DDoS attack, or at least mitigate it.