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The Best WordPress Hosting in 2020: An Honest Guide

Looking for the best WordPress hosting for 2020? We’ve analyzed thousands of unbiased WordPress hosting reviews from real users, to bring you the up-to-date, definitive list of the best WordPress hosts—and the hosts to stay away from.

Reusable Blocks in WordPress: How-to

There was (and still is) a lot of discussion of WordPress’s latest “Block” or “Gutenberg” editor. It’s still not the case that all WordPress sites have embraced the future it represents. (As I write this on WPShout in Jan 2020, I’m still using the “Classic” “Visual” or “TinyMCE” WordPress editor.) But one of the best features of the new WordPress editor is my focus today: reusable content blocks. Reusable block will make lots of small WordPress editing tasks better, I promise. Let’s get to how!

How to Fine-Tune Your Existing WordPress Website for Accessibility

how to make wordpress website accessible

Building websites that are accessible to all users has become a major focus of our industry. Not only do we need to ensure that our creations look great on different browsers and devices, but they also need to work well with assistive technologies like screen readers.