Learn WordPress Development: The Basic Course

wordpress development course basics

So You Want to Learn WordPress Development

WordPress development is a massively useful skill, but it’s also tricky to learn—especially if you learn things in a piecemeal way that allows basic confusions to persist while you try to tackle advanced topics.

This free WordPress development course is designed to get you on your feet with the basics of how WordPress works as a technical system. If you’re looking to learn WordPress development, this course is the right foundation.

1. Beginning at the Beginning: What WordPress Is

To learn WordPress development, you need to know what WordPress is. Our “factory analogy” is the best overall explanation we’ve found for what WordPress, as a technology, is and does.

WordPress is a Factory: A Technical Introduction

2. How to Program in WordPress: WordPress’s Four Key Technical Languages

The next step in your WordPress developer training is to know what programming languages you’ll be using. This next article introduces the four most important technical languages in WordPress—HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript—and outlines what each one does.

The Four Languages You Must Know to Understand WordPress

3. How WordPress Talks to Your Web Browser: “Server-Side” and “Client-Side” in WordPress

One key element of how to learn WordPress development quickly is to get a good grasp of which parts of WordPress’s processes live on the user’s computer (“client-side”), and which parts live on the web server hosting the site (“server-side”).

Understanding “Server-Side” and “Client-Side” in WordPress

4. WordPress Development Core Principle: WordPress’s Hooks System

As you’re learning WordPress development, you’re almost immediately going to want to understand the foundation of WordPress’s event-driven programming system: WordPress hooks, also known as actions and filters. We’ve written what we believe is the clearest guide out there to this crucial technical system.

Course: A Complete Introduction to the WordPress Hooks System

Further reading on Hooks: We’ve created a whole Course exploring this super-crucial concept. Have a look as you get further into WordPress development.

5. First Applied Topic Area: WordPress Theme Development

Okay, you understand what WordPress is (a webpage factory), you understand what languages you need (mostly PHP), you understand what lives where (client-side and server-side), and you understand the basic event-driven system (hooks) that makes the whole thing tick.

You’re ready for the next step in our basic WordPress developer course, which is to learn the fundamentals of WordPress theme development.

This is a Course all unto itself, which will introduce you to the key foundational concepts of WordPress themes: the template hierarchy, The Loop, and functions.php.

Course: WordPress Theme Development (Core Concepts)

Further WordPress Development Courses

We’re happy to offer this free WordPress development course. If you liked this and really want to understand WordPress development fully, we’ve got just the thing for you: Up and Running, our comprehensive guide to the key topics in WordPress development.

The Best Way to Learn WordPress Development

Get Up and Running Today

Up and Running is our complete “learn WordPress development” course. Now in its updated and expanded Third Edition for 2018, it’s helped hundreds of happy buyers learn WordPress development the fast, smart, and thorough way.

Here’s what they have to say:

“I think anyone interested in learning WordPress development NEEDS this course. Watching the videos was like a bunch of lights being turned on.” -Jason, WordPress developer

“Other courses I’ve tried nearly always lack clear explanations for why WordPress does things a certain way, or how things work together. Up and Running does all of this, and everything is explained clearly and in easy-to-understand language.” -Caroline, WordPress freelancer

If you’re wondering how to learn WordPress development in a way that maximizes your learning per time spent, we can’t recommend Up and Running highly enough. Real clarity in WordPress starts at $67.

And, of course, our content here on WPShout is a collection of free resources to help you to learn WordPress development as deeply as possible. Our other Courses, in particular, are organized to help you learn key WordPress development topics in a step-by-step fashion. Have a look around, and enjoy!

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