Simple Time Tracking with Toggl

David and I searched for quite a while for a good time tracking solution. In fact, at one point we were paying a fair amount every month for a project management/proposal-generating/time-tracking solution that we just used as a glorified time tracker.

The best and simplest time tracker we’ve found so far is Toggl, a desktop and mobile app premised around simplicity.

To be honest, a lot of its UI elements aren’t especially intuitive. Adding something to a project always takes more (and different) clicks than I’m expecting, editing old time blocks is tricky, and when you try to key in the equivalent of “I worked on this project for two hours this morning,” the only way to do that also starts logging time on the same task, so you end up with two hours and five seconds once you manage to stop the timer. I’m also not a fan of their “Don’t forget to log your time!” nag messages, which make it really annoying to just have the app running in your tray while you do other things on your computer.

Despite all these issues, Toggl is the best thing we’ve found for a free time tracker that doesn’t try to do too much. If you’re doing something primitive for time tracking (like a kitchen timer plus Google Sheets)—or if, like us, you’ve been overpaying for time-tracking-plus-other-stuff-you-aren’t-using—then you should definitely check it out.

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