Speeding Up WordPress: 2.0

A couple of weeks ago I ran a series of posts on Shout about making WordPress run faster. We explored concepts like caching, CDNs; the usual. I always felt the series never really got off the ground and wasn’t suited to small posts, hence I embarked on writing what I thought would be WPShout’s first eBook!

Roughly 2,500 words later, I submitted the eBook to the Tuts+ Marketplace, expecting to see the eBook online within a couple of days. They rejected the article, citing “similar quality [articles] are easily available for free elsewhere”, presumably at sites like mine.

I then emailed Vitaly Friedman, editor of Smashing Magazine and offered him the eBook as an article. Skip forward a couple of weeks and a couple of edits, and you can now read what was going to be WPShout’s first eBook on Noupe.com!

Speeding Up WordPress is an article/video screencast combo that takes all the themes we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks but really expands them further into a comprehensive guide.

I’m biased as I wrote it, but I’d thoroughly recommend you have a read.