Speeding Up WordPress: 2.0

A couple of weeks ago I ran a series of posts on Shout about making WordPress run faster. We explored concepts like caching, CDNs; the usual. I always felt the series never really got off the ground and wasn’t suited to small posts, hence I embarked on writing what I thought would be WPShout’s first eBook!

Roughly 2,500 words later, I submitted the eBook to the Tuts+ Marketplace, expecting to see the eBook online within a couple of days. They rejected the article, citing “similar quality [articles] are easily available for free elsewhere”, presumably at sites like mine.

I then emailed Vitaly Friedman, editor of Smashing Magazine and offered him the eBook as an article. Skip forward a couple of weeks and a couple of edits, and you can now read what was going to be WPShout’s first eBook on Noupe.com!

Speeding Up WordPress is an article/video screencast combo that takes all the themes we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks but really expands them further into a comprehensive guide.

I’m biased as I wrote it, but I’d thoroughly recommend you have a read.

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May 26, 2011 12:19 pm

You really shouldn’t call it “Speeding up WordPress 2.0” because it’s not WordPress version 2.0 you’re speeding up and names ending in 2.0 are kinda lame. Just my humble opinion.

May 26, 2011 12:28 pm
Reply to  Alex Denning

Name is (very) confusing. The reason I clicked on it was because at least 3 people tweeted it and I said “Who the heck would write now an article about optimizing WP 2.x?”