How to Create a Custom Taxonomy in WordPress with Pods

Custom taxonomies are a great way to organize information in WordPress. And the Pods plugin makes it easy create them without having to write any PHP code. We’ve got a full article explaining custom taxonomies in a fair amount of depth, so for here I’ll just offer a summary. You want a custom taxonomy because:

  • You want to help your visitors browse your content in more interesting and effective ways.
  • You find that conceptually, you’re using tags or categories (the default WordPress taxonomies) for multiple different purposes.
  • You just think it’d be cool to try ;p

Here’s how I create a new “Difficulty Level” taxonomy on the Post “post type” in WordPress:

And here are the steps written out:

Using the Pods Plugin to Make a Custom Taxonomy in WordPress

  1. Install and activate the Pods plugin
  2. Go to “Pods > Add New”.
  3. Click on “Create New”. We’re selecting this because we’re adding the taxonomy to an existing “Post Type”, we’re making a new taxonomy.
  4. On the “Create a New Content Type” menu, you’ll select “Custom Taxonomy (like Categories or Tags)” from the “Content Type” drop down.
  5. Then you’ll fill in the plural and singular labels for your new taxonomy. For me, that was “Difficulty Levels” and “Difficulty Level.”
  6. Click “Next step”. This will create your new taxonomy, but you then need to tell Pods to apply it to (at least one) post type in WordPress.
  7. To make your custom taxonomy work, you’ll want to go to “Advanced Options.” There you’ll scroll to the bottom, and see something labelled “Associated Post Types”. Here (if we’re using our taxonomy on normal posts), we’ll selects “Posts (post)”.
  8. Finally, we’re all set. Everything should work as you’d expect 🙂

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  • Thanks for this, I think Pods is soon going to be the biggest way to create this sort of extra content because it’s the only free plugin I know that lets you create custom post types, custom fields AND taxonomies in a single plugin.

    It’s easy to create custom taxonomies using Pods, but it requires a bit of technical know-how to display them on the front end of a website or add filters for the taxonomy you have created. I’ve written a tutorial to show anyone who isn’t comfortable writing code how to display content created in Pods on the front end. You can check this out at:

  • Felipe says:

    Awesome content! Thank you.

  • John says:

    Thanks for your tutorial, David. I have successfully created a taxonomy, but don’t know how to display this taxonomy’s terms on post associated with them, like with default WP tags. Could you tell me how?

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