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How to Create a “Meet the Team” Page in WordPress

If you run a small business, creating a meet the team page on your site can help you appear more approachable. Plus, you’ll want to highlight the skills of each employee to show potential customers that you’re all experts in the niche. However, you might not know how to make your entire team stand out.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a web designer to create an effective and nice looking team page. By looking at some real-life examples and following some simple advice, you should be able to design engaging profiles and present your employees in the best possible way.

meet the team page

📚 In this post, we’ll examine some impactful team pages. Then, we’ll share a few tips that’ll help you put your own team in the spotlight. Let’s get started!

Great examples of an effective meet the team page

As with any type of web design, it’s a good idea to look at some real-life examples before you create your team page. Of course, you’re not aiming at creating a replica of other pages, but rather at drawing inspiration from them and implementing some of their best features.

With that in mind, let’s look at some websites that have powerful meet the team sections.

1. Luminary

Luminary is a digital agency with a fairly large team. The website presents all members in a grid of profile photos against black backgrounds:

Luminary meet the team page

Users can click on any photo to learn more about that particular team member and their area of expertise:

Luminary meet the team page

As you can see, the profiles are quite elaborate, providing information about the employee’s professional background and values. However, there’s also a “quick facts” section that highlights each member’s personality traits.

This example shows us you can create profiles that inspire trust in your experienced employees while also injecting a bit of informality with fun facts.

2. Digital Marmalade

Next, let’s look at another example from a digital agency site. Once again, we have a photo gallery with headshots of the team members:

Digital Marmalade's meet the team page

However, Digital Marmalade uses colorful backgrounds to make the page more interesting. Plus, it uses flip cards to present information about each employee. Once you click on a photo, you’ll get some key metrics and ratings about that team member:

Digital Marmalade's meet the team page

The page also incorporates fun and humor by listing some personal preferences and superpowers for each individual. These are accompanied by a childhood photo and an image of a fictional hero with the face of the employee superimposed on it:

Digital Marmalade's meet the team page

If you run a digital or marketing agency, using interactive elements in your team page can show potential clients that you’re capable of creating unique content.

3. Humaan

Humaan’s page is fun and informal, with a hero section that aligns with the company’s brand image:

Humaan's meet the team page

Additionally, it uses GIFs instead of traditional headshots, and each profile contains a one-sentence byline:

Humaan's meet the team page

As this example shows, you don’t need to create elaborate profiles to make an impact. A simple description and an amusing image can be enough to convey your team’s personality and expertise.

4. SaltedStone

If you want to create a more formal team page, have a look at this example from SaltedStone:

SaltedStone's meet the team page

It uses professional headshots accompanied by full names and job titles. Plus, the profiles are filed under different departments.

When you click on an image, you’ll get a pop-up window with more information about that particular employee and links to their social accounts:

SaltedStone's meet the team page

Since SaltedStone has multiple departments with sizeable teams, this layout helps give an overview of the entire team while keeping things neat and organized.

5. Text

Text uses a minimalist design for its page, with black text against a blank white background. There’s also a filter that enables users to browse through different departments:

Text's meet the team page

The profiles are fun and informal, with an emphasis on the team member’s interests and skills:

Text's meet the team page

What’s more, Text uses this page as an opportunity to direct users to open positions within the company. If you’re constantly looking for new people to join your team, you can add a powerful call-to-action (CTA) to the page.

6. Digital Uncut

If you’re a graphic designer or artist, you can showcase your skills on your site’s team page. For example, Digital Uncut uses illustrations of its team members instead of photos:

Digital Uncut's meet the team page

However, it manages to keep things professional by highlighting the expertise of each employee in a brief bio:

Digital Uncut's meet the team page

Additionally, Digital Uncut uses pop-up windows for each profile. This can help keep the main about page uncluttered.

7. Electric Pulp

At first glance, Electric Pulp’s team page seems very formal, with professional black-and-white photos:

Electric Pulp's meet the team page

However, if you hover over any image, you might be surprised:

Electric Pulp's meet the team page

Every employee photo has an accompanying meme. This can be an effective way to project a professional image without coming across as too serious.

8. Crowd

Crowd is another site that effectively uses flip cards on its team page. When you hover over a profile photo, you’ll see a couple of interesting facts about that employee, like their nationality and any awards they’ve won:

Crowd's meet the team page

It’s a simple yet effective way to present your team. Plus, it can be particularly useful if you want to limit the amount of text on your page.


FCINQ is a one-page website with a very unique about section. Photos of individual team members are presented in “bubbles” along with some key facts about the company:

FCINQ's meet the team page

When you click on an image, you’ll get a caption with the employee’s name, job title, and social media links:

FCINQ's meet the team page

Plus, these elements load as you scroll down the page, enabling a smoother user experience. This example shows that even with a one-page site and a large team, you can still create an effective team page without overwhelming the user.

10. Lateral

Finally, let’s look at Lateral. Here, we just have a grid with small animated photos of the team. When you navigate to an image, you’ll simply see the name of that individual and nothing else:

Lateral's meet the team page

There are different reasons why you might opt for this design. Perhaps you just want to highlight the diversity of your team. Alternatively, you might want to keep text to a minimum and focus on the visuals.

How to create a meet the team page in WordPress

Now that we’ve looked at a few powerful examples, let’s discuss some tips for creating a team page in WordPress.

  1. Choose a theme with a premade “meet the team” section 🎨
  2. Create informative and engaging profiles 🦔
  3. Make the page more interactive with animations 🎮️

1. Choose a theme with a premade “meet the team” section 🎨

Most WordPress themes come with an “about” page. However, if you want a dedicated page, we recommend that you look for a theme that offers this feature. This way, you won’t need to spend time building it yourself – you can simply customize an existing design.

For example, Neve has several starter sites with professional meet the team sections:

Meet the team page on Neve

Plus, you can mix and match elements from different demos. So if the site you like doesn’t have a meet the team section, you can import this element from another Neve template.

2. Create informative and engaging profiles 🦔

Whether you want to create a fun page or maintain a more formal tone, it’s important that your team profiles are informative and engaging. Typically, users check out this page to learn more about the people behind the company.

If the bios are too serious, some users might feel a little intimidated. Meanwhile, if you make things a little informal, they might find you more approachable.

However, you might want to avoid designing a team page that focuses solely on humor and fun facts. Remember that most users will be more interested in your company’s expertise.

By highlighting the knowledge and skills of each employee, potential clients will be able to decide if your team is the right fit for their projects and needs. Using high-quality portraits can also help you make a good impression.

3. Make the page more interactive with animations 🎮️

As demonstrated by some of the examples in this post, fun elements like flip cards can help you create an interactive and clean page. However, the default WordPress editor is a bit limiting when it comes to adding animated features.

Fortunately, you can use a plugin like Otter Blocks to add animations to your page. This is a collection of page building blocks that you can access directly from the Block Editor. For example, the Flip Block enables you to create animated cards for your team profiles:

Creating a flip card for your meet the team page using Otter Blocks

You could display the name and job title on the front, and provide some essential details or a brief bio on the back. Plus, you have several customization options, including different flip effects.

With Otter Blocks, you can also add Lottie animations to the team page, create pop-ups with more details about each member, and more. Even better, most of these features are available for free!

Conclusion 🧐

Creating a team page can help you “humanize” your business. It gives potential clients a glimpse into the people behind the brand and enables them to reach out to relevant team members. Therefore, you can use this page to showcase the skills and personality of each employee.

To recap, here are some key tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose a theme with a pre-made meet the team section, like Neve.
  2. Create engaging team member profiles.
  3. Make the page more interactive with animations, using a plugin like Otter Blocks.

Do you have any questions about creating a meet the team page in WordPress? Let us know in the comments section below!

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