The WordPress Voice and Tone Survey

Survey on WordPress tone and voice

This survey asks what the community as a whole thinks about the nature and aims of WordPress’s written content.

This survey continues a post from two weeks ago discussing the tone and voice of WordPress’s written content, and recommending a community-approved writing style guide.

The post led to a lively discussion about the nature and aims of WordPress content. With this survey, our hope is to get a sense of what the WordPress community as a whole thinks.

About the survey

Survey questions refer to the written content of WordPress core, meaning the software package that you download from, install in the process of setting up a WordPress site, and use to manage the site. Users encounter this content in places like:

  • WordPress setup and installation instructions
  • The WordPress admin area
  • WordPress error messages (including those seen by site visitors, such as 404 pages, and by logged-in users, such as failed post saves)
  • Default site text, like the default site tagline and sample page content

The survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Results will be published in two weeks. Please encourage WordPress users of all backgrounds to take the survey—it would be great to hear from as many people as possible.

If you’re interested in staying updated on work on the potential style guide, please email me at Thanks, and enjoy the survey!

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4 Responses


  • Ben says:

    Great survey! I am interested in the results.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you integrate the Google Form styles with your site? Did you rip the form code and add custom styles, or were you able to do it through Google options?

    • Fred Meyer Fred Meyer says:

      Thanks a lot, Ben! Please share if you get the chance–would love to reach as many people as possible.

      To your question, I used the WordPress Google Form plugin. The plugin pulls in a lot of default site styling, and has space for custom CSS to tweak remaining things.

      In general, I’d heartily recommend this solution for embedded surveys in WordPress. It was my first time using it, and the whole experience (both making the survey in Google Docs and handling the styling on-site through the plugin) blows everything else I’ve tried out of the water.