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The cover of the free eBook - WordPress Blogging Guide

Traffic stagnating? Visitors staying away? Need to kick start your WordPress? This free eBook is for you.

The WordPress Blogging Guide, is a how-to for becoming a kick-ass blogger with WordPress. It consists of nearly fifty pages and six thousand words of content, in three sections:

  1. Blogging Essentials
  2. Monetization
  3. Social & Analytics

What’s more, it’s completely free! Download it today:

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The first section, blogging essentials, covers, you know, those essential things you need to get started — setting up your email newsletter and creating a decent comment moderation system. That kind of thing.

The second section, monetization, covers some of the different methods available to you of monetizing your blog and creating a decent revenue stream. We cover effective affiliate marketing and how to get set up selling your own products.

Finally, we’re on to social & analytics. This is by far the longest section and was actually my favourite to write. Here, we’ve got all sorts covered — there’s a focus on SEO, what it is and how you can use it to more effectively manage your content, as well as a little on Facebook integration and keeping your blog loading speedily.

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The eBook mainly consists of articles I’ve published on WPShout over the last year or so — except now it’s been updated to ensure it’s relevant for 2012 and beyond.

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I’m able to offer the eBook for free thanks to the kindness of the folks at Gabfire Themes, who have sponsored the publication of the eBook. Thanks, guys!