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We’ve Launched Up and Running!

Today is a big day for us at WPShout. We’ve been putting together an e-book package on WordPress development for more than a year, and it’s finally ready! It’s called Up and Running: A Practical Guide to WordPress Development, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

How Up and Running Approaches WordPress Learning

Up and Running is an e-book, and much more. It’s a multimedia e-learning package that includes:


A full, 250-page e-book on the core principles of WordPress development. Each chapter includes key takeaways, a quiz to test your learning, and—seriously—a limerick!

The book comes with six detail-rich infographics that give a visual guide to key concepts in WordPress, such as the client-side/server-side flow and the anatomy of a WordPress theme.

(There Truly is a Limerick for Every Chapter)


We’re just repeating that because you may think we’re kidding. We wrote one for every single one of the core topics of WordPress development.

Theme and Plugin Development Screencasts

We’ve created over crystal-clear 50 tutorial screencasts covering theme and plugin development, in five series:

  1. The Fifteen-Minute Guides to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
  2. A WordPress Crash Course
  3. Creating a Child Theme
  4. Creating a Theme from Scratch
  5. Creating a Plugin

Expert Interviews and Code Walkthroughs

  • We’re really excited about this. Up and Running includes video interviews and code walkthroughs with 13 of the world’s best WordPress developers: people like Pippin Williamson, Helen Hou-Sandí, Tom McFarlin, Mika Epstein, Brian Krogsgard, Morten Rand-Hendrikson, and Jenny Wong.

    Up and Running includes interviews and code walkthroughs with these WordPress experts!

    What People are Saying

    Here’s the early feedback we’ve gotten on Up and Running:

    You guys rock! I have taken several WordPress theme development courses and read two books on it. By a landslide, yours is better because you have been careful to not talk over people’s heads. Thank you for this valuable contribution to the WordPress community! -John, Freelancer

    I don’t like copy-and-paste, rote learning; I always want to know the why behind it. I think Up and Running does an excellent job at this, while cutting out the unnecessary parts. -Tawny, Developer

    I found each section well explained and easy to read. Well done! -Stephen, Developer

    How It’ll Help You

    Up and Running doesn’t skip steps or make assumptions about what you already understand.

    With Up and Running, you’ll find that learning WordPress development can be clear, logical, and quick.

    Many sources of WordPress learning rely on tacit knowledge: things that are obvious only to the author. This is why learning WordPress—even trying to answer simple questions—so often feels like falling into the deep end of the pool.

    Up and Running won’t put you through that problem. You’ll get an extensive, plain-language exploration of core principles and concepts, before moving onto advanced development practices—everything will make sense based on what’s come before.

    Up and Running also engages all the best ways of learning WordPress development: crisply written text chapters, beautiful and intuitive diagrams and infographics, crystal-clear video tutorials, and in-depth expert interviews. You won’t just read about WordPress development—you’ll see, hear, understand, and do it.

    The end result: you’ll learn WordPress deeply while saving dozens of hours of confusion! We guarantee it.

    Get Up and Running in WordPress Now!

    If you want to really grasp WordPress development at an intuitive level, consider this your personal invitation to check out the package’s site at

    As always, thank you for reading WPShout!

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    Interview With WPShout’s Fred Meyer, Co-Author Of Up And Running: A Practical Guide To WordPress Development |
    July 11, 2015 12:53 pm

    […] Last month, WPShout published its first ebook entitled Up and Running: A Practical Guide to WordPress Development. […]

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