Three Months of Blogging: Some Lessons launced on the 4th April 2009. In that time, a single post has accounted for 33.54% of all visits to the site. Looking at Analytics, it is very clear that the most popular posts aren’t my lovely series that take ages to do (ie Getting Started With WPMU and BuddyPress, in three parts – 1, 2 and 3), they’re posts such as ‘10 Ways to Get That Elusive ‘Magazine’ Look in WordPress’.

It’s quite disheartening to see posts I literally spent all night doing having only a hundred pageviews, but it is something that tells me quite a lot:

  1. People don’t like series. They like everything in one go.
  2. ’10 Ways to do X with X’ style posts are popular. Very popular.
  3. The majority of readers just want the info, none of discussion stuff that I like to shoehorn in.

It also tells me I need to rethink my schedule. At the moment, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are blogging days. Often I’ll rush out a post for those days, instead of making a massive post for a single day – it’s better to write once a week, well, instead of rushing posts often.

At this point, I’d like to do a little retrospective. First off, massive thanks to Kyle Eslick and Jean-Baptiste Jean. Kyle has been brilliant with letting me plug my posts on WordPress Hacks and his advice has been invaluable at times, and Jean has been great too, again with advice and letting me plug my stuff on CatsWhoCode. This blog wouldn’t have got anywhere without you guys – thanks very much. Whilst I’m giving out gratitude, a massive thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the Nometech RSS feed. All 174 of you. You’re all great. Really. Brilliant. Also, a big thanks to all my ‘Twitter friends’, especially @stevefarnworth and @Linda_Farmer, who are just a bit brilliant!

The future

So. Nometech was originally launched as a site about blogging, but has very quickly become WordPress orientated. Which is a problem. As it doesn’t have the wp prefix. Which means people seem to write it off as not related to WordPress. So, in an attempt to move the site forward, I can announce that Nometech will be relocating to a new domain and will be totally centred on WordPress. I hope to have the site done and running in the next couple of weeks.

And there we are. This article was meant to have some lessons in it, and I hope it has for you – learn from your mistakes and mine too. If you’re reading this by RSS then please take a second to leave a comment. If you’re not reading this via RSS then please leave a comment anyway! I’d love to hear any thoughts you’ve got and any suggestions for the future!

Thanks everyone for your support over the last couple of months, and here’s to another three months of blogging!