Teasing A New Design


I’ve been telling of a new WPShout design for a while now and it’s very nearly ready, just needing some more TLC! I hope to have the new look live on Monday when I’ll also be starting off a couple of weeks of amazing content – some really great posts are lined up. The screen above shows the homepage. A quick bit of dissection:-

  • The logo is text with @font-face and text-shadow.
  • Links have a super cool effect on them 🙂
  • The large image at the top cycles through a number of posts and remains on pages too.
  • The body text has some discrete text-shadow on it, helping it stand out from the background.
  • Changing the background completely changes the look of the site (which Ben inspired me to do). I’ll be doing that a lot.
  • It’s quite probably the best design I’ve done. Ever!

The new look will be live on Monday – I’ll post again then with some more details.

This competition then. Thanks to all who entered and offered feedback. Some points arising out of that are:

  • The majority (about two thirds) want to see exciting new types of post, although the remaining third liked the list posts, so they’ll stick around.
  • There was clear indication that two posts a week isn’t the end of the world.
  • Screencasts don’t seem popular at all.
  • You want an RSS feed! Fine. Have one. You’ll be missing out on beautiful post design though 😛

The winners are Mark Marshall and Tracy Tureson (chosen randomly). You two can email me to claim your prize (within a week please!) of a theme of your choice from Gabfire. Thanks to all who entered; really helpful.