How to Create a New WordPress Account

Sharing passwords is bad for security. Period. It is much better, as we cover in the new course, WordPress Security with Confidence, that you create a new account for each user. If each user have just the rights they need, and every account has a good password, you’re better off than you are by sharing a secure password with everyone securely.

Why? Great question. It comes down to control and auditing. If you kick Sam our of the group, you can just disable his account. If Jenna goes rogue and tries to ruin your site, with her own login you can tell it was her. Both of those are useful features, and you simply don’t get them with a shared login.

That’s why you should make individual accounts for every user on your WordPress site. This video explains how:

How to create a new user account in WordPress

  1. Go to “Users > Add New” in the left-menu on your WordPress site.
  2. Give the account a username and email address.
  3. If you need/want, set a password, if you’re not sure, don’t.
  4. Choose the role that the user account needs. Based on the principle of least access, it’s essential that you give that user a role that has just the capabilities they need and no more. Here’s our longer article on that topic. You also might find this table in the Codex helpful.
  5. Click “Add New User”. If everything is configured correctly, the user will get an email inviting them to log in to their new account.

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