Using Gutenberg to Show Your Site’s Latest Posts on a Page

How do you show latest posts with Gutenberg? That’s what we’re here to answer. When I wanted this feature, it was so that my site’s “About” page would be able to list my latest posts. Back in 2007 or so, I more-or-less had to learn to program to get this working in WordPress. Now it’s as simple as finding the right block in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Showing your latest posts isn’t something I’d recommended doing too much across your WordPress site. Primarily because, without context it’d be really weird to link to your latest WordPress posts inside a WordPress post. Much more likely and usefully, this makes a ton of sense as a think you might do on your “about” or “home” page. Especially if you’ve converted your homepage into a nice little landing page.

Video of How to Add Latest Posts to a Page in Gutenberg Block Editor

That there’s a Gutenberg block that just shows your latest posts in a block is pretty awesome. Like I said, I’m jealous it wasn’t easier in my day. Anyway, onto the video…

Show Latest Posts with Gutenberg Block Editor

  1. In the Gutenberg editor, you’ll want to first click the “+” (Add Block) button. To do this properly we do need that it be a block-type post ;p
  2. In that adding mode, simply start typing “Latest Posts.” Before you even finish typing, you should see the “Latest Posts” block showing. Select it.

There really doesn’t need to be step three. And I really cannot over-emphasize how much pain I went through half-understanding PHP when I tried to do this way back in the day. WordPress has come a long way. Now you can show your latests posts on any of your posts or pages. It’s pretty darn magical.

Enjoy 🙂

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