How to Change a Post’s Author in WordPress

For a multi-author website, it’s not uncommon to need to “take over” a post that was started by another person. And if you use WordPress users as public author cards (again, common) you’ll sometimes need to change who WordPress thinks the author of the post is. But doing this simple alteration isn’t necessarily easy to find, especially if you’re new to WordPress.

There are two kind-of-obscure features that hide this ability, and you need to discover one or other of them for it to make sense. The short version is “Screen Options” if you’re on the single-post-editing screen, and “Quick Edit” if you’re on the table. The video explains both:

And if text is more your speed…

Change the Author in WordPress on the Post Editing Screen

  1. While viewing the post in the “Edit” view, scroll to the top. In the top right, just under the admin bar, you should see a button that says “Screen Options”. Click that.
  2. That should roll-down to offer you an array of options. In the top set should be “Boxes” you can pick from. Turn-on—make sure it is checked—the one that says “Author”. This should have created a “metabox” below.
  3. Scroll down. Somewhere, probably toward the bottom of the left side, you’ll see a box with the title “Author”.
  4. In the author metabox, select the user you want to be listed as the author of the post.
  5. “Update” the post by using the top-right “Publish” metabox.

Change a Post Author on the Table View with Quick Edit

  1. Find the post whose author you want to change in the table view.
  2. Hover over its table cell. A series of words should appear under the title, “Edit | Quick Edit | Trash | Preview”. Click “Quick Edit”.
  3. In the Quick Edit view, there should be a dropdown, fourth from the top for the post “Author”. Select your desired author account there.
  4. Hit the “Update” button in the bottom left of the table row.

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