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October 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

There’s something great about the WordPress world and the community building it … particularly, the fact that it never slows down, even when the weather outside starts getting a bit too cold for comfort.

Welcome to the October 2015 edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP! This is a monthly roundup of news and stories from around the WordPress space.

October 2015 in WordPress

WordPress 4.4 Beta 3 is now available!

This is happening too fast! I was literally writing about the release of Beta 2 when I saw this message about Beta 3!

Anyway, until December 8, when the version will be officially released, you can play with the latest features and improvements. lets you do live tests without having to install the new WordPress version on your site. Use wcpdx and wcpdx15 for the admin and password, respectively.

The First Half of the REST API Is Officially Added to WordPress Core

After long debates and talks, it’s finally official! The first half of the REST API has already been added to the new 4.4 release. The second half is supposed to be part of the WordPress core starting with ver. 4.5.

(We talked about the first chapter of this whole REST API adventure a month ago.)


plugin names
New Guidelines For Naming Plugins Announced by

From now on, you should think twice before picking a name for your plugin. changed their guidelines and came up with new restrictions. Pay close attention if you want your plugin to be accepted to the official repository.

Plugin developers will not be able to use a trademarked product name or term, company name, or other plugins’ name as their plugin’s name or slug – unless you are representing the company who owns the trademark or plugin in an official capacity or have written permission from the company.

If your plugin’s name doesn’t correspond with the required conditions, it will be rejected. And by the way, to prove that you’re actually a member of the company whose name you want to use, you must submit it with an official email address – not a personal one.

Akismet 3.1.5 Fixes Critical XSS Security Vulnerability

The usual … if you’re using Akismet to fight spam comments, update it as soon as possible. There was a critical security vulnerability.

The vulnerability is related to the hyperlinks and the way Akismet handles them in the comments. If you have Akismet’s 3.1.4 or older, you could be at risk.

akismet logo

WooCommerce reaches 10M downloads, powers 30% of online stores

Yep, WooCommerce currently powers 30% of all e-commerce websites, and it just reached 10 million downloads this month. Even more impressive is that they did it in a very short time (they had 7 million downloads just a few months ago).

It looks like the WordPress e-commerce space is growing fast. That’s why the WooCommerce guys are planning to release some new extensions for the plugin and a couple of more Storefront child themes.

Great Articles From Around The Web

How Site Speed Impacts Conversions (Infographic)

Can a second or even .5 of a second make such a big difference when it comes to your traffic? Yes.

How I Cleaned Up My WordPress Site After It Was Hacked And Blacklisted

It’s not the end of the world if your site gets hacked. I mean, it’s not a good thing either, but you can bring it back to life. See how!

WordPress SEO in Depth: Image Optimization

It’s not enough to do SEO only for posts and articles. Keep in mind that good image optimization can be as important as the rest of the content.

Theme Shops or ThemeForest: Where Should You Buy Your WordPress Themes From?

So where do you buy your WordPress themes from? Find out what’s the best solution to save money and time, while receiving quality products.

Common WordPress Theme Issues (And How To Fix Them)

I bet you met at least one of the issues listed here. Take a glance to see how you can solve them.

How to Optimize Your AdSense Revenue in WordPress

Adding ads to your site is not just a one-time action. There are a few other factors that have to be taken into consideration if you want to increase your revenue.

How and Why You Should Limit Login Attempts in Your WordPress

Limit login attempts to avoid hackers’ brute force attacks, simple! This is an important security issue and you should pay it well-deserved attention.

When Clients Disappear Without Paying

Seeing your clients leaving with your product and with your money too isn’t a good thing. How do you proceed then? Read here.

99 Popular Websites You Didn’t Know Were Built with WordPress

Quite an interesting collection of sites that aren’t obvious WordPress constructions. Great for inspiration!

That’s it for this edition. Is there anything we missed?

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Adelina Tuca

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Philip Verghese Ariel
November 14, 2015 4:33 pm

Very useful reminder. Many of them i missed it, I am just keeping this as a book mark to check it out and later this week.
May you have a great and profitable weekend.
Keep sharing.
Best Regards

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