Making your First WordPress Plugin (From Scratch): Live Training Tomorrow

We’re doing a WordPress development training session tomorrow!

It’s at 3pm (US Eastern) March 29th and is totally free. You can save your spot here.

The goal is to make our first WordPress plugin together.

We’ll use the shortcode API and WP_Query to show the most recent posts in a format that’s great for inserting into the middle of our content on pages.

This is a perfect example for slowly stepping us into WordPress development.

Save your spot now. It’s totally free!

How will the webinar work?

All you need to do is sign up to the webinar – and then turn up at 3pm (US Eastern) on Wednesday March 29th.

The webinar will last roughly an hour and will feature David walking you through, with code, how to make your first WordPress plugin – from scratch. Fred and I will be on hand to make any additional comments and help out.

You’ll be able to chat with other attendees live and ask questions throughout (as well as vote on other people’s questions you like). David will be answering queries as we go.

That’s it! it’s super simple, it’s free and will be really good fun. You can save your spot here.

What specifically will I learn?

Great question! We’re going to be walking you through building your first WordPress plugin from scratch. Planned steps include:

  1. Creating and activating plugin files.
  2. Creating a basic shortcode function.
  3. Understanding WP_Query and The Loop.
  4. Extending the plugin.
  5. Making the plugin more efficient.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the key concepts of WordPress development and how to build your first plugin. We’ll take questions throughout and may deviate from the planned structure in order to address queries.

What if I can’t make it?

Don’t worry! We understand the time doesn’t work for everyone. Sign up here anyway and you’ll be sent a link to watch the replay afterwards (also free).

Do I need any coding knowledge?

No, we’ll be keeping this highly accessible to all abilities. Some PHP and WordPress knowledge will be helpful, but we’ll make sure viewers of all skill levels can benefit.

Is this all a ruse to sell your critically-acclaimed “learn WordPress development” course Up and Running?

Well, kinda. Up and Running has just had the launch of its Second Edition and is discounted 20% until Friday (at 5pm US Eastern) to celebrate – just use the code WPSHOUT at checkout. You can get Up and Running here.

The webinar is an independent event and whether or not you’re interested in the course, you’ll learn a lot. We’ll take five minutes at the end to tell you more about Up and Running, and hope if you’ve enjoyed the webinar and want more you’ll take a look. If you’re not interested, that’s no problem at all.

What’s the link to sign up again?

It’s right here. Remember, it’s free! 3pm March 29th (US Eastern).