Add Your Own Gravatar To WordPress

This is quite a useful tip that lets you add your own gravatar to your WordPress blog/theme/site. For example, here on [wp], if the user doesn’t have a Gravatar then the following gets displayed:gravatar

This tip applies especially to magazine themes, where the standard ‘bloggy look’ is something that designers try and get as far away as possible from.

It’s super easy to do – upload the your gravatar image you want (to be displayed when people don’t have an avatar) to /your-theme/images/, having resized it to 100×100 pixels. Then, open up your functions.php file and add the following code (changing the gravatar’s filename if necessary):

<php if ( !function_exists('fb_addgravatar') ) {
function fb_addgravatar( $avatar_defaults ) {
$myavatar = get_bloginfo('template_directory').'/images/gravatar.jpg';
//default avatar     $avatar_defaults[$myavatar] = 'Exciting new gravtar';
return $avatar_defaults;
add_filter( 'avatar_defaults', 'fb_addgravatar' ); } ?>

And you’re done.

Code via WPWebHost.