Hosting Review: WPWebHost

As some of you may know, [wp] is hosted by WPWebHost. As part of my agreement with them, I’m writing an ‘honest review after three months’. It’s been about three months now. Here goes with the honest review.

In the beginning

I’ll admit it didn’t start well. About seven months ago (when the site was called Nometech) when I first launched the site in the first couple of months the site went down a lot. As in a lot a lot –

A number of times in the first couple of months I seriously considered moving hosts and asking for my money back. But I didn’t quite get that far. I tweeted I wasn’t very happy about the downtime I was experiencing and soon after I got an email from Foress, one of the founders. He explained that he was very sorry etc etc and he’d (free of charge) upgrade my hosting to a better server.

And then it all got better

Since then I don’t recall any downtime at all which has been wonderful. Whether I’d experience downtime if [wp] was moved back to the server it was on I couldn’t say, but you could do worse than to try them out for a month at $8. Which brings me onto another thing. They’re cheap! Blimey. As in really cheap. As in $80/year cheap! If I’m totally honest that was what attracted me to them in the first place and I wasn’t really expecting much for that price, but I was pleasantly surprised. Whilst their support isn’t really as WordPress savvy as they claim to be, turn around time on queries is good.

Final verdict

I’m sitting on the fence if I’m totally honest. In recent months I’ve enjoyed exceptional service but previous problems make me cautious of wholeheartedly recommending them. And this is meant to be honest. They’re cheap. Very cheap. For a small blog, you could do a lot worse (downtime was rare when there weren’t any spikes of traffic) than the $80/year they’re offering currently. For a larger site you might want to have a look at their more powerful plans and for something in the middle (such as [wp]), it’s such good value I’m going to say go for it. They’re nice people and if it all goes horribly wrong, you can get your money back if you’re within 100 days.

So there it is. I’m officially recommending WPWebHost. I was keen to keep this review the honest one it was meant to be and for that reason, I refused the offer of a 30% discount code to shovel out. However, if you would like a discount code, drop me an email and I’ll pass on your request.