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10 Best Gutenberg Block Plugins to Check Out This Year

The Gutenberg editor, introduced in WordPress 5.0, offers a library of pre-built elements or ‘blocks’ that help you create websites in a more visual way. WordPress 6.0 adds a new set of blocks and design enhancements to specific blocks. And now, you have the best Gutenberg block plugins to add various items to the Block editor. All this gives you more control over website-building, allowing you to launch any type of website at the drop of a hat.

The best Gutenberg block plugins enhance the basic functionality of the Gutenberg editor, allowing you to add and customize numerous elements, like buttons, sections, icons, and more.

best Gutenberg block plugins.

Here’s our pick of the ten best WordPress Gutenberg Block Plugins:

Best Gutenberg block plugins of 2024

1. Otter Blocks

First up in our list of the best Gutenberg block plugins is Otter, our very own lightweight plugin that adds new blocks with advanced customization options, as well as pre-built templates that you can import on your site. It also adds to the functionality of the default/third-party blocks. In practical terms, it means you can build beautiful pages without using conventional page builders, like Divi and Elementor.

⚙️ Blocks added, 23+, including:

  • Animation Block, with 50 animations
  • Popup Block
  • Section Block, with up to six columns
  • Countdown Block
  • Product Review Comparison Block
  • Pricing & Pricing Section Block
  • Lottie Animations
  • Add to Cart Block

🎯 Best for: Otter’s wide range of blocks can serve multiple use cases. For instance, bloggers will find the Posts Block and the About Author Block useful. Business websites can use the Product Review Comparison, Business Hours, Services, Pricing and Add to Cart Blocks. And, for websites that want to restrict access to content, the visibility conditions customization option can help. In short, Otter can take a lot off the plate of website builders who want to build Gutenberg pages fast, while making the best of Gutenberg features at the same time.

💳 Price: Free, pro options start at $49.00.

2. CoBlocks

CoBlocks gives you both additional blocks and added functionality to the Gutenberg editor. It adds dynamically generated content areas with specific responsive margin and padding settings with the help of the Rows and Columns Block. In this way, it brings a true page builder experience to the editor.

⚙️ Blocks added, 50+, including:

  • Accordion Block
  • Alert Block
  • Dynamic Separator Block
  • Features Block
  • Food & Drinks Block
  • Logos & Badges Block
  • OpenTable Reservations Block
  • Pricing Table Block

🎯 Best for: 54 additional blocks really give you the freedom to build any kind of website. For instance, restaurants can reserve tables with OpenTable Block and use the Food & Drinks Blocks to display menus. The Maps Block, Post Carousel Block, Collage Gallery Block, and Author Block are all good for a travel blog. For a website offering services, the Services Block, Pricing Table Block, and even the FAQ Block can help.

💳 Price: Free.

3. Spectra

Not only does Spectra add a list of 35+ blocks to the Gutenberg editor, it also offers 20+ professionally designed pre-built starter sites designed specifically for different industries. This means that you get a readily importable, customizable website that works with a combination of the default Gutenberg editor, the Astra theme, and the Spectra Blocks. The blocks help you customize from an intuitive interface.

⚙️ Blocks added, 35+, including:

  • Container Block
  • Star Ratings Block
  • Lottie Animation Block
  • Review Block
  • Content Timeline Block
  • Marketing Button Block
  • Price List Block
  • Testimonial Block

🎯 Best for: The starter sites and variety of blocks make Spectra one of the best Gutenberg Block plugins for small businesses, restaurants, online agencies, and more. Mixing and matching blocks like FAQ Block, Content Timeline Block and Image Block can help build websites for online courses or product information pages and more. All you need is a little imagination.

💳 Price: Free.

4. Genesis Blocks

Genesis adds premium blocks and sections to the block editor. In particular, the Section and Layout Block allows you to add well-designed page sections and full-page layout designs. In addition to the blocks, there are four-page section designs and eight full-page layouts.

⚙️ Blocks added, 20+, including:

  • Section & Layout Block
  • Newsletter Block
  • Pricing Block
  • Post Grid Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Call-To-Action Block
  • Spacer & Divider Block
  • Drop Cap Block

🎯 Best for: While almost any website can use this plugin, it’s ideal for bloggers to work with. The pre-built sections and layouts ensure a great starting point for blogs. Premium add-ons include permission control for each block, which can be useful to restrict access.

💳 Price: Free, with a pro option.

5. Gutenberg Template and Pattern Library & Redux Framework

Gutenberg Template and Pattern Library earns its place on this list of the best Gutenberg block plugins with its library of 1,000+ creative blocks, templates, layouts, and patterns, which you can preview on a demo site. Search using filters, import the blocks or templates you like from the library and begin customizing to suit your requirements. Also, it offers a library of industry specific templates.

⚙️ 1,000+ block patterns added, including:

  • About page patterns
  • Gallery patterns
  • Hero patterns
  • Team patterns
  • Text patterns

🎯 Best for: The sheer number of block patterns available for all site types makes this one of the best Gutenberg block plugins. The industry-specific images, full-page layouts and curated selection of Gutenberg blocks in the library can cater to a wide variety of websites – yoga studio, restaurant, dentist, lawyer, and more.

💳 Price: Five free imports/ site/ month, Pro options available.

6. Stackable

With lightweight custom blocks and advanced customization options, Stackable is a versatile tool to include in your website-building kit. The library of UI kits, flexible custom blocks and separators gives limitless options for designing your website.

⚙️ Blocks added, 40+, including:

  • Card Block
  • Feature Grid Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Pricing Box Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Video Popup Block
  • Number Box Block
  • Button Block

🎯 Best for: The comprehensive mix of Essential, Special and Section blocks makes it a good fit for bloggers, merchants, designers and web development professionals. Anyone from beginners to agencies can find value in this plugin.

💳 Price: Free, Pro packages start at $49/yr.

7. GenerateBlocks

GenerateBlocks adds only a few blocks to the Gutenberg editor. However, they are responsive, powerful, and lightweight, allowing a great deal of design flexibility to create complex layouts and modules. It works best with the GeneratePress theme, although you can use any other theme as well to build almost any layout or style any content. Additionally, it includes 200+ pre-built, importable patterns that can be saved after customization.

⚙️ Blocks added:

  • Container
  • Grid
  • Headline
  • Buttons 
  • Query Loop
  • Image

🎯 Best for: This plugin brings CSS effects into the editor using a powerful interface, allowing a great degree of control for web designers. Other features that designers will find useful are the hover features, advanced backgrounds, block effects and global styles. Moreover, you can add SVG icons and shapes into an asset library and access them from the block editor. These features make GeneratePress a powerful tool for complex web designs for both beginners and professionals.

💳 Price: Free, Pro options start at $39/yr.

8. WooCommerce Blocks

WooCommerce Blocks is more of a feature plugin for Gutenberg blocks used in combination with WooCommerce. You can use it to try out new blocks or updates to existing blocks, and generally experiment with how WooCommerce works with the block editor.

⚙️ Some stable blocks have been bundled into WooCommerce, and you can access them from the “WooCommerce” section in the block inserter:

  • Active Product Filters
  • All Reviews
  • Checkout
  • Filter by Rating
  • Product Categories List
  • Product Search
  • Products by Attribute
  • Top Rated Products

🎯 Best for: WooCommerce stores can use this plugin to display hand-picked products and items from specific categories, search and filter products by rating or attributes, add a mini-cart and more.

💳 Price: Free.

9. Greenshift – animation and page builder blocks

Greenshift generates assets on the fly without using predefined styles, frameworks, icon fonts and script libraries. The assets are loaded only when you use them. It includes some unique blocks and high-end animations and transitions, as well as helps create complex pages with spacing, positioning, CSS transform, shadows, and borders.

⚙️ 20+ core blocks added, including:

  • 3D Flip Box
  • Sliding Panel
  • Table of Content
  • 3D Model
  • SVG Shape
  • Countdown
  • Switcher Block
  • Add-on blocks for Animation, SEO, Query and Chart

🎯 Best for: Suitable for websites that need high end animations and transitions without loss of speed. And the bonus is you don’t need to know coding.

💳 Price: Free, premium add-ons available.

10. Gutenberg Block Manager

When you need to work with just a few blocks, you can rely on the Gutenberg Block Manager. It works by enabling or disabling each block globally for all users. When a block is disabled, it no longer appears in the block inserter in the WordPress block editor. As a result, it declutters your site by hiding unnecessary blocks. You can always search and filter blocks in the sidebar, and add them back to the editor as required.

🎯 Best for: Websites that carry a vast library of blocks can use this plugin to enable/disable blocks temporarily as required.

💳 Price: Free.

Best Gutenberg block plugins: how to choose ⭐

On its own, the Gutenberg editor can accomplish a great deal, but it does have some limitations. These ten best Gutenberg block plugins can add to your design capabilities and ensure a smooth and satisfying web-building experience. The best choice for you depends on your goals:

And remember, you can have more than one of these plugins on your site if you want a variety of features!

Which one of the best Gutenberg block plugins are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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