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40+ Video Marketing Statistics That Will Show You the Way in 2023

Video continues to dominate the digital landscape, and it’s been like that for a couple of years now. From social media to blog and email campaigns, video is a powerful tool for engaging audiences and driving conversions.

In this post, we’ll explore 40+ video marketing statistics that highlight its potential and offer insights into how you can make the most of this dynamic medium.

Video Marketing Statistics

Video marketing statistics to know in 2023 📊

A HubSpot blog survey from 2022 reported that the demand for video content continues to increase at a rapid pace [1].

In fact, according to a Wyzowl’s survey, 86% of businesses used video marketing in 2022, and 92% of marketers saw it as an essential part of their marketing strategy [2].

General video marketing statistics you should know first 📈

Video marketers know by now that video content is highly effective. But how effective is it? And can we expect the trend to continue growing?

Let’s see some numbers:

  • 36% of marketers say that their main goal when making online videos is to reach new audiences and increase awareness of their brand [1].
  • 87% of video marketers have reported a positive ROI for content created in 2022 [2]. 86% also said that video was highly effective for generating new leads [2].
  • 66% of businesses increased their year-over-year content marketing budget from 2021 to 2022, with more than half of those funds being used for some type of video marketing [3].
  • Most marketers spend between $100 and $1000 on average per video [4]. 💳
  • 49% of video creators feel they are effective at engaging audiences, and 52% believe they help build customer trust [2].

Statistics about type of content that works in video 🎞️

Not all videos are the same, so here are some key video marketing statistics based on the type of content being created and how it performs when used as a marketing tool:

  • The purpose of all videos created for 2022 was 74% explainer videos, 68% social media videos, 50% presentation videos, and 46% testimonial videos [2].
  • 📺 The least used types of videos created were onboarding new hires videos (12%), app demos (15%), and customer service videos (20%) [2].
  • On average, 65% of all marketing videos made are actually presentations [4].
  • Short-form 🩳 videos have, on average, the highest audience engagement compared to all other types [5].
  • 51% of marketers say that the videos with the highest ROI are webinars and webcasts [4].

Statistics about the process of video making 📹

Here are some numbers about the process of making videos and the software and equipment used by the experts:

58% of marketers turn to professional software 📀 to produce their videos, and 38% use only their phones [4].

About 61% of video creators use Adobe Premiere Pro as their primary editing software, and 44% use their iPhone 📱 as a way of capturing video [1].

⏲️ When asked about how much time it might take to create a video, 30% of experts said about two weeks [1].

💼 About 37% of businesses make their videos in-house, while 14% work with an agency and 49% do a little bit of both [1].

🏭 69% of companies creating video marketing content own their own production equipment [1].

18% of video creation experts use templates, while 35% make them from scratch [4]. 🎨

Statistics about creators and teams 🎮

Let’s now take a look at 🔎 some numbers regarding how videos are created in the context of a company or agency and why more people are choosing to use this format:

  •  About 81% of marketers  state that their company has a specific budget dedicated to video content creation [1].
  • 88% of companies have their own team dedicated exclusively to creating video content.  In 45% of the cases , the team size is two to five people [1].
  • 24% of marketers started using video marketing in 2020, with 51% of them saying they did it because it became easier and  47% because they had to respond to new challenges  [2].
  • 22% of marketers create more than one video per week, and  14% make one video per day  [2].
  •  42% of marketers  state that videos created through an agency are generally better than those made in-house [1].

Statistics about platforms 📼

Videos perform differently depending on the platform where they are shared.

Here are some video marketing stats and social media stats:

  • 🎈 According to one survey, 78% of creators host their videos on YouTube [1]. A second survey shows an even more significant number, 88% [2].
  • 70% of consumers have made a product purchase because they saw it in a YouTube ad [6].
  • Other social media platforms 📉 used by video marketers include LinkedIn Video (69% used them), Instagram Video (67%), Facebook Video (59%), Webinar (49%), and TikTok (27%) [2].
  • 🤼 60% of people prefer watching videos on online platforms compared to live TV [6].
  • LinkedIn videos generate 24x more comments and 7x more reactions than text posts [7].
  • Tweets that involve videos or video streaming generate 10x more engagement than those without [8]. 🚀

Statistics about video audience 📺

Not all video marketing statistics are about marketers. Here are some numbers about how consumers watch videos:


96% of people use videos to learn more about services and products that interest them [2].

On average, internet users spend 33% of their online time watching videos, and 54% want to see more content from brands they follow [9].

69% of people watching online videos do so with the sound off in public spaces and 25% when in private [10].

50% of people who watch videos say that captions are very important because they like to have the option to turn off the sound [10].

28% of Gen Z viewers are willing to share their online history with a brand [11].

Audiences are more likely (twice as much) to share videos compared to other types of content, such as articles or social media posts [2].


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