How to Undo Changes in Beaver Builder

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One of the very few complaints I have about Beaver Builder is that it can be difficult to undo changes—specifically, to undo Beaver Builder layout changes, for which normal “Ctrl+Z/Cmd+Z” undoing within Beaver Builder itself simply won’t work.

There is a way, though! Beaver Builder uses WordPress’s native “Revisions” system to track all the changes you make to each one of your posts. So reverting layout changes in Beaver Builder is not really an “undo changes” button like you’d have in MS Word. it’s more like a simplified Git-style version control system, where you revert the entire post back to a previous version from before the changes you want to undo.

Here’s a video guide:

How to Undo Changes in Beaver Builder

  1. Try Ctrl+Z (Cmd+Z on Macs). This will work for text changes, but not for layout changes such as deleting a module.
  2. To undo a Beaver Builder layout change, open the regular post editing screen for that post with “Edit Post” (or “Edit Page” or whatever the post type is).
  3.  Find “Revisions” in the top right near the Publish button, and click “Browse.”
  4. Find the revision that still has the elements you changed or deleted. Note: this will look like very plain HTML, but Beaver Builder is still tracking the markup needed to build your layouts.
  5. “Restore” that revision and reload the page you’re editing.
  6. Continue editing as normal.

As a note, this will only work on post types that have revision tracking, which some don’t—it’s a setting that you choose when you register a custom post type. And it’ll only work on those posts that actually have a revision history: most published posts have this, but some draft posts do not, depending on how long you’ve been working on the draft.

And that’s how to undo changes in Beaver Builder, especially layout changes that you can’t undo through Beaver Builder’s normal on-page system.

If you want to know more about why we love Beaver Builder and use it on our own projects, have a look here and here—or get a Beaver Builder license yourself and start trying it today. Cheers!

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