How to Set Up File Downloads for Your Site

I recently found myself hunting for a solution that would allow a visitor to click a button to automatically download a free ebook. If you need to allow your users to download files from a WordPress site, today’s post will help.

Here’s how to install and use the “Download Monitor” plugin. It’s a simple solution that will allow visitors to download any free file you’d like to make available.

  1. Go to “Plugins > Add New” on your WordPress dashboard and search for “Download Monitor”.

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  2. Click “Install Now” next to the icon for the Download Monitor plugin by Never5.
  3. Once it’s installed, click “Activate Now”.


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  4. Once the plugin is activated, select the new option for “Downloads” that will appear in the left sidebar menu. In the “Downloads” sub-menu, select “Add New”.
  5.  Give your new download a title.

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  6. Below the text editor, find the section titled “Downloadable File/Versions” and select “Add File”.

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  7. Click “Upload File”.
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  8. Find the file you’d like to include as a download in your site by clicking “Select Files”. Then click “Insert File URL”.
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  9. Make sure a new file url appears under “File URL(s)”, then click “Publish”.

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  10. Highlight and copy the shortcode for your new download.


  11. Edit (or create) the post or page you plan on using to make your download available. In this case, I created a new page titled “Free Downloads”. Then paste the shortcode for your download in the text editor in the area where you would like it to appear, then click “Update” or “Publish”.
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  12. That’s it! Your download should now be available on your site and will download automatically when someone clicks it.

And that’s how to enable your users to download files from your WordPress site. Thanks for reading—please let us know in the comments below if you have any thoughts or questions.

Image credit: WPShout

12 Responses


  • WHat’s the advantage of this plugin over the very popular and versatile Easy Digital Downloads?

  • Amazing! Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    How about your site speed? Doesn’t it slow down the website to upload several files for download?

    • In general files just sitting on your server (without being downloaded) has no effect on site performance. If tons of people are all downloading the same file at the same time (and it’s a big one) you might notice some performance hit.

  • Pat bedeau says:

    Hi, I have file sizes of 288 mb and my upload maximun in 20mb, do you know a solution for larger files?

    • Shahzaib says:

      Hi Pat,

      Try to upload file at or I am using and they provide unlimited storage.
      There are tons of websites where you can store the file and once the file(s) are stored, generate a link of that file and then post it on your own website, social media platforms (like facebook, twitter, whatsapp groups). You will be paid when the user download the file from the generated link. Nearly every website has given the rates per download, it depends on the geographic location of the user from where the click generated.


  • Hi there!
    Thanks so much for this article! Really broke it down for me.
    I just have a problem that when I’ve published my page with my downloads – it says in brackets how many times it’s been downloaded which I don’t want the public to see. How do you remove that part?

  • Nirmal says:

    Thanks, man. such useful article.

  • Narender says:

    HI, thanks for this. I am looking for something which generates dynamic link for the file. So that the user comes back to the webpage if he/she needs the file again. Or in simpler words, I am looking for protection from hotlinking.
    Also, where would you essentially host your files if you were to offer big files? Like spread in GBs? Google doesn’t seem to help me much on this hah!


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