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Jasper AI Review: A Must-Have or Just Hype for Content Writers?

In the past few months, discussions around AI have exploded into the mainstream, especially in marketing and business circles. Jasper AI is one of the most popular tools for AI generation, and in this Jasper AI review we’ll answer all of your questions about this new technology.

🤖 We’ll explore the following aspects of Jasper AI in the review:

Jasper AI review.

We’ll then share our thoughts on whether or not you should use this tool and, if you should, what the best uses for it are.

But first, let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of AI:

One of the most important things to consider when looking at AI tools is the ability to copyright your work. Or, more accurately, the inability to copyright your work.

Recently updated copyright regulations specify that you can only copyright work with significant human involvement. This means that work created solely by entering a prompt into AI cannot be copyrighted by an individual.

For this reason, many publications and companies now have policies saying you cannot submit AI content to them. Many sites where you can upload digital content for sale now have rules against selling/uploading AI content as well.

That said, you can copyright AI-generated work if you made significant alterations to it after it was generated. For example, if you start with an AI-generated script and then make significant edits to it in a word processor, you may be able to copyright it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use AI-generated content for business, but it does mean you’ll have to be careful about where you publish that content and how you use it. If you’re concerned about this, you can read more about the new rules around AI usage and copyright. The short version, however, is that if you want to be 100% sure you can copyright your work, you’ll need to create it yourself.

⚖️ It’s also worth noting that Jasper holds the right to use any content you’ve created using it in a variety of ways:

Jasper AI review: information about how Jasper can use your content.

This means that you’ll also want to avoid AI generators if you don’t want your work to be used or remixed by Jasper AI or its users.

Still interested in using AI generators? Keep reading for our full Jasper AI review! 😎

Jasper AI review

Now let’s dive into the Jasper AI review! Note that I used an account on the Teams plan to create this review; some of the features discussed here are only available on this plan or a custom Business plan.

Brand Voice 🎤

The first thing I want to talk about in this Jasper AI review is one of its newest features, Brand Voice. This tool allows you to show Jasper some of your content so that the AI can use it to understand the style and tone you usually use in your content, which will then help it create content that better fits with your brand.

To get started with Brand Voice, you can either enter your site URL or upload a piece of content:

Jasper AI review: brand voice content options.

In most cases, sharing your URL is more effective as it gives Jasper more content to scan. However, if you’re just starting your website or you want to rebuild your brand’s content with a different style or tone, choosing From Text can be more effective.

Once you’ve entered your content, Jasper will spend a minute or so (this may be longer if you’ve entered a URL with lots of content) analyzing your text and then tell you what it thinks your brand voice is. You can then modify it if you want to, name the voice after your brand, and add it to your list:

Jasper brand voice analysis.

You can also make this voice a default for all campaigns so that Jasper will automatically use it when creating content for you. If you only have one brand, this can be very helpful, but you’ll probably want to skip it if you have multiple brands. And, if you do have multiple brands, you’ll be glad to know that you can have three brand voices on the Teams plan – and unlimited brand voices on the Business plan.

🚀 What’s great about Jasper AI Brand Voice

The Brand Voice tool makes it easy for you to create content in the right style and tone every time, without having to add new information in the Tone area of the prompts.

What could be better about Jasper AI Brand Voice

The issue with Jasper’s Brand Voice is the same issue we’ll discuss later in the next section of this Jasper AI review: the AI can’t always produce the tone you want. If you’re looking for conversational writing, for example, you’re going to find that Jasper AI’s content is somewhat lacking.

Templates 🎨

Templates were the next thing I looked at for my Jasper AI review.

Jasper offers a variety of templates for creating different types of content, such as long-form articles and Amazon products.

Jasper AI template library.

Using a template is quite simple: choose the one you want, fill out the prompts as directed, and click Generate. Jasper will then generate a few different options for you to choose from:

Jasper AI Amazon product description template example.

🚀 What’s great about Jasper AI Templates

I like that there are multiple options here and the icons across the top make it easy to copy your favorite. You can also give each option a thumbs-up or thumbs-down or mark it as a favorite, which trains Jasper to understand the types of content you like. And, if you’re on the Teams plan, you can move the text into the Documents area of Jasper and edit it without leaving the Jasper website.

I was also impressed by the variety of templates and how easy it is to follow the prompts to create content. For example, this personal bio template makes it easy to fill in your personal information and key factors like the tone and point of view you want to use:

Personal bio template.

What could be better about Jasper AI Templates

In terms of quality, the writing is decent, but it does feel somewhat robotic. I was particularly disappointed when I specified that I wanted a “conversational” tone in my product descriptions, as the results still felt very businesslike and repetitive, not at all like the tone I would use when speaking with a friend (or writing one of these blog posts).

This means that, while you can use these templates to generate content and you might even be able to get decent results from copy + pasting it into certain business contexts, if you want to draw people in and encourage them to connect with your content, you’ll need to do some significant edits.

Workflows ⏳

If you want more guidance in creating a highly specialized piece of content like a landing page, you can use Jasper’s Workflows (note that this feature is limited to the Teams plan and custom plans). These are guided templates that walk you through multiple steps of content creation:

Landing page workflow.

Theoretically, there are two options for completing Workflows: generating content for one step at a time and clicking Run All. However, when I clicked on Run All, nothing happened, and I couldn’t find any way to make this feature work in the documentation. So, at least for now, it appears that you’ll have to go through each workflow one step at a time.

🚀 What’s great about Jasper AI Workflows

This is another area of my Jasper AI review where I was impressed by the variety of options available. You can use it to generate most types of marketing content including ads, email campaigns, landing pages, and blog posts.

Each workflow is also specially designed to ensure that you have all of the core components of the type of content you’re trying to create. For example, in the landing page workflow, you’ll find a Key Benefits & Features section. The email marketing template, meanwhile, allows you to specify things like a target audience and their pain points.

Target Audience.

What could be better about Jasper AI Workflows

The main issue I have with Jasper AI Workflows is one I’ve already mentioned: there’s a Run All option listed when you click Generate, but it doesn’t actually seem to do anything at the time of this writing.

I did also feel a little bit uncomfortable with the Potential Social Proof option in the landing page workflow, as a “review” based entirely on AI prompts doesn’t really count as social proof. It’s not created by a human and, as far as I can tell, the AI doesn’t actually analyze your products or content. So I would avoid using this section of the landing page workflow – you’re better off getting testimonials from real people.

Recipes 📚

The next thing I looked at in my Jasper AI review was the Recipes. I was a little confused because these are listed as one of the main selling points of Jasper, but I couldn’t find them in the options when I selected the content creation New from template option, which is where I found both Workflows and Templates. Instead, I had to search for them using the search icon at the top.

Still, I was pretty impressed by the range of recipes I found:

Jasper AI featured recipes.

The Recipes are slightly more complicated to use than the Workflows, but the instructions are pretty clear and can be used to create highly complex content.

Jasper AI review: using recipes.

🚀 What’s great about Jasper AI Recipes

There are a wide variety of recipes available for different types of content, including multi-part content like video scripts with attached show notes. Moreover, there’s a whole community of recipe builders, so you can find many recipes that aren’t included in the Featured Recipes list.

What could be better about Jasper AI Recipes

The Recipes are more complex to use than other Jasper AI tools. Also, the clarity of the instructions varies greatly from one recipe to the next as they’re created by a variety of community members.

Art 🎭

The final thing I looked at in my Jasper AI review was the art generation tool. This tool comes with a wide variety of templates you can use to create themed artwork:

Jasper AI art templates.

There’s also a Free Form option, where you enter a prompt and fill in several criteria to dictate the mood, style, and other elements of the generated artwork. Jasper will then generate a few different options for you:

Jasper AI review: art example.

🚀 What’s great about Jasper AI Art

You can create lots of reference images quickly. The templates also produce high-quality images:

Jasper AI art created with the Alchemy model.

What could be better about Jasper AI Art

The art generated by Jasper is highly variable in terms of quality. This is particularly true if you’re generating photography, as sometimes the angles and proportions don’t look very realistic.

Jasper AI pros and cons

Pros 👍

Lots of options for Templates, Workflows, and Recipes

Ability to create any type of content in seconds

Jasper offers both text and art generation

More affordable than hiring copywriters and artists

Cons 👎

You can’t copyright AI-generated content without making significant changes to it

Your content can be used and remixed by the AI; this might not be an issue for everyone, but it’s worth considering

The AI isn’t great at generating text with a conversational tone, plus the text generated is often repetitive

Images, especially photography-style images, often have weird proportions and angles

You’ll often still need to hire editors to bring the content generated up to a similar level of quality as work created by a skilled human

The lowest-cost paid plan is $39 per month and many of the best features, like Workflows, are limited to the Teams plan, which is priced at $99 per month; this is more expensive than many other popular AI tools

Jasper AI review: the verdict 🏁

Jasper AI is an impressive tool that can be used to create a variety of content types in a matter of seconds. It’s particularly good at producing corporate-style texts and certain types of images.

At this time, however, Jasper AI isn’t a true replacement for skilled copywriters or artists. The text is often highly repetitive and achieving a true conversational or informal tone requires significant editing, while the art can often have weird angles or proportions. Plus, issues with copyright mean that you’ll need to do a considerable amount of editing if you want to claim copyright for your creations.

All in all, Jasper is an interesting tool to experiment with some really great features, but it’s not advanced enough to work well for most serious businesses, especially if you run a blog or another type of business where a conversational tone is important. 🤖

What do you think of Jasper AI? Let us know in the comments section!

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