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How to Repurpose Content with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide

Figuring out how to repurpose content with ChatGPT is one of the smartest ways to use the AI tool. With the right approach, you can take a blog post or a page and get AI to transform it or use it as the basis for all other kinds of content. That means podcast scripts, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages, and many other options.

If you’re already familiar with ChatGPT and other similar AI tools, you know they can be incredibly versatile if you can put together the right prompts. A little experimentation will help you leverage AI tools to do work that might otherwise take you hours in a matter of minutes. ⌚

How to repurpose content with chatgpt.

👉 In this article, we’ll show you how to repurpose content with ChatGPT. We’ll go over seven examples of the tool in action and how you can benefit from these approaches. Let’s get to it!

What to consider when using ChatGPT to repurpose content

How to repurpose content with ChatGPT.

If you’re figuring out how to repurpose content with ChatGPT and other similar AI tools, there are some caveats to keep in mind. These tools and platforms don’t always return the results you want, and they’re limited in a variety of ways. Two of those limitations include:

  • Not being able to access the web. If you use the free version of ChatGPT, you know it can’t access the web to craft outputs. Some plugins enable ChatGPT to browse the web, but the results you get will vary a lot depending on the plugin and how you use it.
  • Limited inputs. You can’t feed ChatGPT the entire contents of your site and ask it to keep that information in its memory when generating responses. In most cases, your exchanges with the tool will be limited to a single conversation tab.

It’s important to understand that while ChatGPT can do a lot of amazing things, it’s not an infallible tool. If you use it frequently, you’ll want to double-check any content that it produces or any information that it gives you.

How to repurpose content with ChatGPT (7 ways)

You can ask ChatGPT to take almost any written content and transform it into something else. How successful your efforts are will vary depending on what you’re asking and your prompt. Here are ways in which we’ve managed to use ChatGPT to repurpose content (and you can also use it to make money).

1. Turn articles into podcast episodes or video scripts 🎙️

One of the most interesting ways to repurpose website content is to take blog posts and use them as the foundation for podcasts or video scripts. A lot of users prefer audio and/or video over reading blog posts, so publishing that type of content can help expand your audience.

ChatGPT can be pretty useful in this regard. In our experience, you can use a prompt such as “Take this blog post X and transform it into a podcast script with two speakers.”

How to repurpose content with ChatGPT.

In that example, we’re copying and pasting the entirety of a blog post within the prompt. This is important because you can’t ask ChatGPT to browse the web for you.

Any scripts that ChatGPT produces will likely still need a lot of editing. However, the tool does a great job of summarizing talking points, which should save you a lot of time.

2. Generate FAQs from long-form articles 💡

If you publish a lot of long-form content, you can benefit from FAQ sections that summarize essential points and answer doubts readers might have. A lot of users tend to skim content online, so having FAQ sections can help you engage with more readers.

Using ChatGPT to generate FAQs from blog posts or pages is very straightforward. You can use a prompt such as “Take this blog post X and generate a list of frequently asked questions for it.”

FAQ section.

Keep in mind that ChatGPT might not be able to narrow down the most significant questions or talking points related to an article. However, it tends to do a good job of putting together a varied list of questions. You can take those as a starting point and expand on them.

3. Generate social media posts to promote new content 📱

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow a website. However, a good marketing strategy requires you to post to your accounts often. Scheduling social media posts isn’t all that difficult, but coming up with them can be.

One way to lessen this workload is to ask ChatGPT to take your content and use it as the base for social media posts. For this example, we asked ChatGPT to “Generate 20 Tweets based on this article:” and included the entire article in the prompt.

Generating social media posts using ChatGPT.

You can repurpose that prompt to generate different types of social media content. However, note that ChatGPT can’t include images, so you’ll need to add those manually. While you’re at it, we recommend double-checking to see if all the posts match the content of the article and to make sure the information in them is correct.

4. Summarize the content of an article 📚

Summarizing the contents of an article should be one of the first things you consider when learning how to repurpose content with ChatGPT. It’s a fairly simple process, and you can use it to try to target featured snippets in Google or to repurpose multiple posts into longer pieces.

You can get optimal results by pasting the entire contents you want to summarize and using a prompt such as “Summarize the major points of this article.”

How to repurpose content with ChatGPT and summarize ideas.

If you want more control over the output, you can ask ChatGPT to summarize content using lists, to keep its response short (one or two paragraphs), or to focus on a specific part of the article.

5. Create quizzes and tests based on articles 👨‍💻

If you run an online academy or are considering launching one (you can do this with WordPress), you’ll need to prepare quizzes and tests. This process can be much more straightforward if you already have a library of content to draw from.

In that case, you can feed ChatGPT the content you want and ask it to generate open-ended or multiple-choice questions based on it. ChatGPT tends to do better when it comes to generating open-ended questions.

Generating a quiz using ChatGPT.

Multiple-choice questions can be hit-and-miss, in our experience. You may need to replace a lot of options, since ChatGPT tends to structure questions in a way that makes quizzes too simple for a potential class (unless that’s what you want).

6. Generate checklists based on instructions 📋

Anytime you publish an in-depth guide or tutorial, chances are your audience would also like a checklist to go along with it. This can be a simple resource that helps them make sure they’re not missing any key steps or processes.

While ChatGPT can’t help you generate a PDF or an image, it can help you generate the actual contents of the checklist. In this example, we asked it to take one of our articles, a tutorial on how to transfer an email address, and generate a checklist based on it. The prompt was “Take this article and generate a checklist for it that includes all the key steps readers need to follow.”

Generate a checklist using ChatGPT.

As for how to include that checklist, you can use it as part of the source article or offer it as a separate resource. One valid marketing technique would be to offer the checklist as an extra, in PDF format, if users join your email list.

7. Build a presentation based on a post

If you’re considering how to repurpose content with ChatGPT, using it to create a presentation might not cross your mind. After all, ChatGPT can’t generate PPTs or slides that you can use in a presentation. However, it can generate the actual content the slides will include.

We obtained great results by asking ChatGPT to take the contents of a page as a source and generate a presentation based on them. The actual prompt was “Create the content for a PPT based on this article.”

Create a PPT using ChatGPT.

You’ll still need to generate the actual slides and design the presentation. However, ChatGPT can save you a lot of time in summarizing content and structuring it in a way that works for the kind of presentation you can make in front of your team.

Conclusion ⌛

Learning how to repurpose content with ChatGPT can be a challenge. Not because using ChatGPT is hard, but because there are so many potential ways to do it. If you’re new to using ChatGPT, you might be surprised at how versatile it can be when using content as part of your prompts.

Some of the smartest ways in which you can repurpose content using AI include generating FAQs and quizzes based on articles. You can even ask ChatGPT to create social media content you can post based on parts of your site or to structure presentations on some of your best blog posts.

Do you have any questions about how to repurpose content with ChatGPT? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below!

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