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Unlocking Success: How to Choose a Blog Name That Resonates

Are you asking yourself how to choose a blog name? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Starting a blog is an exciting journey. It presents the chance for you to express your unique thoughts, share your knowledge with the world, and make some money in the process.

Before diving 🤿 into any of that, though, you’ll need to pick out a great name for your new blog.

But, where and how do you begin? 🤔

how to choose a blog name

You don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. In fact, this article will show you exactly how to choose a blog name, including how to use a blog name generator to come up with dozens of instant ideas.

What makes a good blog name?

Before we get into the steps of how to choose a blog name, it’s important to understand what makes a good blog name.

In a nutshell, there are three components that make a good blog name:

First: It needs to be memorable

There are currently over 600 million blogs worldwide [1].

In the U.S. alone, there are over 31.7 million bloggers out there [2].

With all these numbers, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out.

Of course, the success of your blog will depend on multiple factors (e.g., how saturated your niche or industry is). However, choosing a memorable name will help you stand out from your competition and make it easier for people to remember you.

So, how can you choose a memorable name? You can:

  • create your own spin on common phrases, stories, or idioms,
  • make sure it’s easy to pronounce and spell,
  • choose a short name (i.e., one to three words). If the name you like is longer, see if you can’t abbreviate it or create an acronym.

👉 A great example of a blog that has all these qualities is Cup of Jo.

Cup of Jo homepage as an example of how to choose a blog name.

The name is catchy, simple, and easy to remember. In addition, it might make you think of a “cup of coffee” or a “cup of tea,” which are both very common phrases. All these help to make the name more memorable.

Second: Your blog name should highlight your niche

A strong and memorable name that highlights your niche not only introduces potential readers to what your blog will be about. It also helps you stand out from the crowd.

When picking a name, think carefully about how well it conveys the subject of your blog and what message you want to share. By taking time to make sure your blog name reflects exactly what you’re trying to communicate, you can make a big impact right at the start of your blogging journey.

👉 A great example of this is Investopedia.

Investopedia homepage.

With a name like “Investopedia,” readers are bound to expect content around investing and other finance-related topics. This is a great way to let your audience know what your blog is all about and the type of content you offer right from the get-go.

Third: It needs to be brandable

Choosing a brandable name is essential to make your blog stand out from the competition and make a real impact.

A brandable name should sound unique, be memorable, and set you apart from others. It should also reflect your blog’s values and help potential readers understand what kind of content they can expect from your blog.

When picking out a brandable name for your blog, brainstorm different options, read up on similar blogs in your industry, and find one that accurately conveys the overall vibe of your website. Investing some time into this important decision right at the beginning of your blogging journey can have high returns in the long run!

👉 A great example of this is the blog name, Zen Habits.

Zen habits homepage, how to choose a blog name article.

This blog name is brandable because it uses the popular name “zen,” which we often associate with mindfulness, simplicity, peacefulness, etc. It’s also easy to spell and remember. Plus, it conveys a specific lifestyle.

Now that you understand some of the most essential elements that make up a good blog name, here are a few blog name ideas you may find useful.

Blog name ideas

Ten beauty blog name ideas

  • Your Natural Beauty
  • Organic Beauty Inc
  • All Things Natural Hair
  • Creme de la Beauty
  • Beauty Blog Art
  • Beauty Blog Zone
  • Peaches & Cream Beauty
  • Global Beauty Blog
  • Premium Beauty Care
  • Natural Beauty Tips

Ten travel blog name ideas

  • Your Luxury Travel Blog
  • Sandy Toes Chronicles
  • Packed Suitcase Chronicles
  • Around The World Mission
  • [Continent] Luxury Travels
  • Travel Blog Network
  • [Your names’] Luxury Travels (e.g., Tasha’s luxury travels)
  • The Travel Bug Blog
  • Tours in [continent]
  • Winding Road Tales

Ten lifestyle blog names

  • [Name of city] insider
  • The Everyday Gal
  • My Barefoot Chronicles
  • [Your name] Abroad
  • [Your name] in Style
  • [Your standout feature] in Luxury (e.g., Blonde in Luxury)
  • Unfold [your city]
  • Everyday in [your city]
  • Words by [your name]
  • Stylish in [your city]

How to choose a blog name in four steps

Step 1: Focus on your niche

A blog niche is a topic or specific angle your blog content focuses on. It can be anything from parenting tips to fashion advice to car restoration lessons.

Having a niche helps you create focused content that resonates with the right people, allowing them to learn more about your specialty and trust you as an authority in that field.

Focusing on your niche when trying to develop blog name ideas is effective because it can help people immediately know what your blog is about.

👉 For example, TechCrunch is one of the most successful blogs in the tech space.

techcrunch homepage.

When potential readers come across this name through a Google search, social media, or even in conversation, they’ll know exactly the type of content they can expect from it: technology content.

The same can be said for business blogs, arts and crafts, automobiles, digital marketing, etc. Finding a term that relates to your niche, which you can also use in your blog name, can be an effective way to let your audience get an idea of what your content is about.

While trying to come up with niche-related names, try to pick a broad enough niche. Doing so will ensure that there’ll be plenty of content ideas without being too restrictive, but with enough focus to keep things exciting and engaging for readers.

Step 2: Brainstorm relevant keywords

The next step in how to choose a blog name is to start brainstorming a list of potential names.

The best way to go about your brainstorming session is to focus on keywords or phrases that best relate to your blog.

Why is using keywords so effective?

In a nutshell, keywords are a group of words or phrases used in website content, such as blog posts and website pages, that help search engine algorithms understand the page’s topic.

They help people find exactly what they’re looking for when they type a query into a search box. In addition, creating a blog with keywords in mind can help your SEO as it allows potential readers to find your content more easily.

To get started, you want to jot down every word or phrase that could relate to your blog. For example, if you have a tech blog, some terms you may want to include are tech, AR/VR, cybersecurity, app development, coding, machine learning, and any other related topic.

At this stage, you want to write down everything that comes to mind when you think of your blog and the type of brand you’re trying to build.

Choosing the right blog name that stands out and is memorable can be a daunting task. However, approaching it with keywords in mind puts you on the right track.

Step 3: Use a blog name generator

A blog name generator is a super-useful tool that can make it easier to come up with creative and unique names. It provides plenty of inspiration to help with the process of naming your blog.

To get started, you can use DomainWheel’s Blog Name Generator. All you have to do is enter the keywords or phrases you brainstormed from the previous step into the search bar and click “Search Domain.”

How to choose a blog name, DomainWheel name generator, "business blog" search.

This will give you a list of potential blog names. From these suggestions, you can jot down the options that most resonate with the brand you’re trying to build.

This name generator is great because it only suggests names that are available. You can also tell the tool to only suggest the domain extensions you’re interested in. Simply click on the “Select Filter” drop-down arrow, and tell the tool which extensions you want. Once you’re happy, click “Apply“.

How to choose a blog name, DomainWheel, choosing blog extensions.

The name generator also has useful features like the “sounds like” and “rhymes with” features that can give suggestions you may not have considered before. It’s free to use, and you can enter as many keywords or phrases as you wish. ChatGPT can also be useful to generate unique blog names, but you should consider its limitations.

Step 4: Shortlist and get feedback

You’ve considered your niche, brainstormed, and used a blog name generator. This brings you to the final step in how to choose a blog name: creating a shortlist and getting feedback on your favorite blog names.

To narrow it down, you need to consider the following:

  • names that most relate to your blog content,
  • names that are easy to spell, pronounce, and remember,
  • names that are unique and won’t be mistaken for another blog.

During this process, focus on your brand and your audience. This process can be challenging, so feel free to ask for help here. Once you have a few names, you can reach out to close family, friends, or even fellow writers to get their feedback on each name. In this process, you can ask them a few questions like:

  • What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear [blog name idea]?
  • What niche would you most associate with [blog name idea]?
  • Do you know of a blog or brand with a similar name to [blog name idea]?
  • Do you like the name [blog name idea]?

Sometimes, getting an outsider’s perspective can be immensely valuable in choosing the right blog name. So, don’t be afraid to seek feedback if you feel like it.

Final thoughts on how to choose a blog name 🏁

A great blog name is essential to the success of your blog.

As highlighted above, it should be memorable, highlight your niche, and be brandable.

There are four key steps in how to choose a blog name:

  • Focus on your niche.
  • Brainstorm relevant keywords.
  • Use a blog name generator & check that the name is available.
  • Shortlist and get feedback.

Did you enjoy this guide on how to choose a blog name? Want more help starting your blog? Check out our compilation of 45 tips on how to start a blog that gets 40,000 views per month.

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