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8 Best Domain Appraisal Services: How Much Is My Domain Worth?

Looking to sell or buy a domain name? Luckily, there are a few domain appraisal services that can help you arrive at a rough estimate.

It’s crucial that you have the proper information and a carefully considered valuation before starting any negotiations.

A ballpark figure in mind can ensure that you don’t leave money on the table. It also prevents you from driving potential customers away by quoting too high. However, domain appraisal services are not simple math, and estimates can vary vastly.

In fact, the correct price for a website or domain name is what you can actually get someone to pay for it.

What these appraisal services do is merely help you find a starting point – an amount that you can use as an anchor before doing further research.

In this post, we’ll review eight actual domain appraisal services that you might want to consider hiring in the future. Afterwards, we’ll also look at the factors that go into calculating a domain’s true value.

Let’s get right into it.

Best domain appraisal services: Domain Price Checker.

💸 Pricing:

The Basic Pack is free and allows 15 queries per month and 10 queries via Bulk. The Business Plan at $79 per month allows 1500 queries per month and 1000 queries via Bulk. The Advanced Plan at $799 per month allows 100,000 queries per month and API user account.

🧰 Key features:

  • Neutral source of price information.
  • Relies on a database of 26,000,000 domain sales.
  • AI algorithm based on neural network that is constantly trained.
  • Can be easily integrated into any project using the REST API.
  • Detailed domain report.
  • Provides insight into search volume and web statistics.
  • Helps to compare domains.
  • TLD facts and keyword facts.
Visit Here
Best domain appraisal services: WebsiteOutlook.

💸 Pricing:


🧰 Key features:

  • 20+ metrics to measure and track website success.
  • Details of website creation, updates and expiry.
  • Shows number of visitors coming from organic traffic and from paid search.
  • Furnishes Alexa rank and SEMrush rank.
  • You can view domain authority and pageviews.
  • Backlinks metrics can be known.
  • Keyword metrics like number of keywords in Google SERP.
  • Page authority and domain authority stats provided.
Visit Here
Best domain appraisal services: Domain Index.

💸 Pricing:

The Starter pack is free and allows seven appraisals per day. Beyond that there are the Domainer Plan ($39 per month – 50,000 appraisals), Pro Plan ($99 per month – 250,000 appraisals) and Enterprise Plan ($299 per month – API access for 1 mil domains).

🧰 Key features:

  • Choice of manual appraisal review and mass appraisal, including mass trademark check.
  • Access to a list of domain appraisal experts.
  • Separates words and compares domains.
  • Uses sales history and backlink research.
  • Estimates traffic, tracks top researched keywords and combines trademark research.
  • Includes TLD estimator and TLD Wiki.
  • List cleaner and domain filter
  • Includes alerts and option to connect with the domain registrar.
Visit Here
Best domain appraisal services: Sedo.

💸 Pricing:

$99 per domain appraisal. As for portfolio appraisal, price available on request.

🧰 Key features:

  • Individual appraisal for single domain or large domain portfolios.
  • Domain analysis based on ten factors such as search engine suitability and advertising effectiveness.
  • Tangible valuation that depends on meaningful market indicators such as comparison with similar domains.
  • World’s largest database of domain sales increases reliability of appraisal.
  • A custom report is mailed to you within 5-10 days.
  • Checks for language complexity.
  • Appraisal is quick and scientifically conducted.
Visit Here

💸 Pricing:

A guest account allows a max of two domain valuations to be submitted at a time. The Novice Plan at $29 per month entitles you to 150 lookups per day and 4500 lookups per month. For increasing the number of lookups, opt for the Intermediate Plan at $49 per month or Advanced Plan at $99 per month.

🧰 Key features:

  • Appraising more than 2 mil domains every day.
  • Instantly assesses domains, be it one or one hundred thousand domains.
  • Accepts inputs in any format – from CSV to text to HTML
  • API allows integration of EstiBot data into tools you use.
  • Plans allow access to all power tools and premium appraisal tools.
  • Appraised drop lists.
  • Provides appraisal certificates.
  • Appraisals are trusted by banks, the IRS, accountants and domain investors.
Visit Here

💸 Pricing:


🧰 Key features:

  • Largest database of historical sales data.
  • Largest marketplace globally for buying and selling websites, stores, apps and online businesses.
  • A Flippa valuation is a good indicator of price.
  • Compares your inputs to thousands of similar sites sold on Flippa.
  • Examines business model, age, category and many other factors.
  • Takes into account number of interested buyers.
  • Valuation based on intended use of the site.
  • Crowd valuation is enabled.
Visit Here

💸 Pricing:


🧰 Key features:

  • Uses exclusive algorithm that combines machine learning and real market sales data.
  • Data compiled over 20+ years.
  • Valuation model uses word tokenization combined with tons of data.
  • Gives you a range of values and a printable appraisal certificate.
  • Does not appraise the developed website connected to the domain.
  • Possible to appraise entire domain portfolios.
  • You’ll also get back samples of comparable domains with their values.
  • World’s largest domain registrar managing more than 84 mil domains.
Visit Here

💸 Pricing:


🧰 Key features:

  • Uses its own unique algorithm to calculate domain value.
  • Gives weightage to estimated daily unique views.
  • Gathers daily pageviews, backlink count and social media visibility data.
  • Takes into account website speed and advertisement revenues.
  • Determines search engine index status.
  • Domain age and keywords in Google organic search.
  • Alexa rank and average time spent on site are considered.
  • Offers multiple tools to check other factors like similar sites.
Visit Here

How to calculate the real value of a domain 🧮

When using the above domain appraisal services to find your domain’s worth, it helps if you know what the factors influencing the valuation of a domain name are. Generally, the valuation is calculated taking into account the following elements:

  • Domain extension – how popular is it?
  • Length of the name – the shorter, the better, as it’s easier to remember.
  • Simple names that are easy to spell and without special characters score higher.
  • Phonetics matters – nice sounding names are valued higher.
  • Whether the name can be used globally or locally.
  • Business potential – does the domain name have any intrinsic commercial value.
  • Market demand for the domain.
  • Recent sales of comparable domains.

With this comprehensive understanding of what impacts a domain’s value, you’re now better equipped to navigate the nuances of domain appraisal.

Last word on domain valuation tools 💬

As the digital real estate market continues to flourish, the importance of accurate domain valuation cannot be overstated. Whether you’re curious about your domain’s estimated value, or actively engaged in buying or selling domains, these services offer invaluable insights. Below is a quick recap of the ones we covered in this article:

  • Domain Price Checker: Ideal for large-scale appraisals, leveraging a massive sales database and AI algorithms.
  • WebsiteOutlook: A free service perfect for assessing domain value through comprehensive metrics including traffic and SEO rankings.
  • Domain Index: Offers both manual and automated appraisals, suited for detailed analysis including trademark checks.
  • Sedo: Known for its large sales database, Sedo is great for individual or portfolio appraisals, providing a thorough market comparison.
  • EstiBot: Best for frequent domain traders, offering extensive appraisal tools and certificates, trusted by financial institutions.
  • Flippa: With a vast database of historical sales, ideal for those looking to buy or sell online businesses.
  • GoDaddy: A popular choice for a quick domain value estimate, using an advanced algorithm and providing a wide value range.
  • Siteprice: Utilizes unique algorithms, perfect for those needing a comprehensive view of domain value based on multiple web metrics.

👉 Further reading: In case you’re interested, we have step-by-step guides for beginners on how to buy a domain name and how to sell a domain.

ℹ️ Alternatively, if what you’re really looking for are new domains – domains that haven’t been registered by anyone yet – then check out this list of the best places to get cheap domain names.

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