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20+ of the Best Bootstrap Admin Templates for Your Next Project

If you’re starting a project like a web app or a website that requires an admin dashboard, then this collection of Bootstrap admin templates will be a great starting point! Bootstrap is a free and open-source JavaScript framework that contains a whole lot of ready-made code to help you create things.

When you use these templates, not only will you enjoy the advantages of Bootstrap’s modern features, you’ll find a number of pre-built components you can pick from and include as you wish in your projects. From charts, buttons and tables to calendars, forms and icons – you don’t need to code them from scratch. Besides, you can add even a single element to an existing website too. These Bootstrap admin templates will save you time and money, and they are suitable for any device.

What’s helpful about these templates is that they come with multiple layouts for your dashboards and they are ready to be used as is. Or, you can customize them freely if you feel like it.

Most of these Bootstrap admin templates come with online demos, so you can see them in action before committing to any particular one.

Best Bootstrap admin templates

1. Pages

Pages view Pages on mobile
  • Fast, light-weight Angular components
  • Five dashboard layouts in six color themes
  • Full SASS and RTL support
  • Interactive calendar app
  • Modals and animated notifications
  • Quick layout builder
  • Numerous form components

2. Porto

Porto view Porto on mobile
  • 60 HTML pages
  • Google Fonts support
  • Color switcher to select colors and customize
  • 50+ plugins
  • Interactive charts
  • CSS generator
  • Light and dark styles

3. Creative Tim

Creative Tim view Creative Tim on mobile
  • 200 handcrafted components
  • 15 plugins
  • 27 example pages
  • Five color filter choices
  • Option for background image in sidebar
  • Notification system
  • Charts included

4. Metronic

Metronic view Metronic on mobile
  • Layout builder included
  • Customized third-party plugins
  • Adaptable to any server-side technology
  • Native data table plugin
  • Sticky form action bar
  • RTL version
  • Lifetime free updates

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5. CoreUI

CoreUI view CoreUI on mobile
  • 50+ customizable components
  • Default and dark layout
  • Data tables and calendar
  • Emails and invoices
  • Date range picker
  • Flags and Font Awesome icons
  • Multiple buttons

6. MaterialPro

MaterialPro view MaterialPro on mobile
  • Six dashboards and five different demos
  • Six color skins and dark and light versions
  • 500+ UI components
  • 100 ready-to-use widgets
  • Multiple applications for chat, contact
  • 600+ pages
  • 3000+ font icons

7. Angulr

Angulr view Angulr on mobile
  • Eight color palettes
  • Lazy loading
  • Nested views and routing
  • Multiple layout options
  • International translate
  • Music application
  • Grunt and Bower

8. Remark

Remark view Remark on mobile
  • Classic and material designs
  • Six different layouts
  • Dark and light menubar
  • 11 color palettes, easy to switch
  • 1000+ UI components, 100+ widgets
  • 25 pre-made pages
  • Grunt tasks and Gulp tasks

9. Gentelella

Gentelella view Gentelella on mobile
  • Libraries for charts, calendar, form validation
  • Wizard style interface
  • Off-canvas navigation menu
  • Text forms, forms autocomplete
  • Progress bars
  • Notifications
  • Date range, range slider

10. Soft UI Dashboard

Soft UI Dashboard view Soft UI Dashboard on mobile
  • 70 handcrafted elements
  • One plugin
  • Seven example pages
  • Bold colors
  • Gradients and realistic textures
  • RTL page included
  • Tables and charts included

11. Adminto

Adminto view Adminto on mobile
  • 57+ pages, including a landing page
  • Three menu styles
  • Gallery page, maintenance and coming soon
  • Timeline and invoice
  • 1700+ font icons
  • Waves effect
  • Functional calendar, email templates

12. Stack

Stack view Stack on mobile
  • Eight pre-built templates
  • Three niche dashboards, eight menu types
  • 14 color schemes, header to footer customization
  • Seven built-in web applications
  • 1000+ UI components and options
  • Four icon sets, six form layouts
  • Data tables, events calendar

13. Monster Admin

Monster Admin view Monster Admin on mobile
  • Light and dark versions
  • Five dashboard variations
  • Landing page
  • 100+ integrated plugins
  • 500+ UI components
  • 600+ pages
  • 3000+ font icons

14. Limitless

Limitless view Limitless on mobile
  • Five pre-built layouts
  • 1000+pages, 1000+ components
  • Advanced mega menu
  • Built-in color system
  • Collapsible vertical navigation and horizontal navigation
  • Numerous form components
  • Data visualization and data tables

15. Webarch

Webarch view Webarch on mobile
  • Four color themes
  • Four layout options
  • Condensed menu
  • Quick chat option
  • 65+ jQuery plugins
  • 50+ widgets
  • RTL support

16. Xtreme Admin

Xtreme Admin view Xtreme Admin on mobile
  • 10 dashboard variations
  • Eight unique demos
  • Ready-to-use applications for chat, email and more
  • 2000+ font icons
  • Lots of charts and tables options
  • Validations forms
  • eCommerce pages

17. Fuse

Fuse view Fuse on mobile
  • Angular 7+, Google material design
  • 21 layered and well-organized PSD files
  • Built-in apps for calendar, email, eCommerce and more
  • Multiple authentication pages
  • coming soon, error, FAQs and many more pages
  • Configurable template layouts
  • Custom color management

18. Klorofil

Klorofil view Klorofil on mobile
  • Ready-to-use pages
  • Charts and timelines
  • Tables, panels and notifications
  • Multiple UI elements like buttons and labels
  • Layout options
  • To-do lists and panels
  • Color options

19. Neon

Neon view Neon on mobile
  • Nine skin colors
  • Profile page and timeline
  • Gallery management and data tables
  • Great mailbox with email templates
  • Calendar plugin included
  • RTL support
  • Digital notebook for personal jottings

20. Shoppy

Shoppy view Shoppy on mobile
  • Material design elements
  • Product listing
  • Flat style pricing panels
  • Components like grids and portlets
  • Numerous elements such as animated buttons
  • Different maps and pages
  • Multiple chart formats

21. Flatlab

Flatlab view Flatlab on mobile
  • Modern flat design with clean UI
  • Great number of components
  • Mobile widgets
  • Integrated full calendar and notifications
  • Nestable
  • Form wizard with form validation
  • Advanced, dynamic, editable data table
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