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10 Most Popular and Best WordPress Block Themes of 2024

Searching for the best WordPress block themes? 🤔

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the ten best WordPress block themes that let you fully design your site using the new WordPress Site Editor experience.

You’ll be able to design your site’s templates using blocks while also accessing pre-made style variations to quickly change the look of your site. Plus, all of these themes also include tons of block patterns to help you work more efficiently.

Below, we’ll share our picks for the ten best WordPress block themes. For each theme, we’ll give you a look at its style variations and block patterns, along with some general thoughts on what makes each theme one of the “best.”

Summary: Best WordPress block themes 🏆

If you’re in a rush, here’s a summary of the ten themes on our list – keep reading for more details on each theme:

Theme Main focus Price
Yith Wonder Ecommerce Free
Raft Multipurpose Free
Spectra One Multipurpose Free
Neve FSE Multipurpose Free
BizBoost Business websites Free / $59.99
Zeever Agencies and portfolios Free
Fork Agencies and portfolios Free
Riverbank Multipurpose “Organic” Free
Frost Multipurpose Free
Jadro Business websites Free

What’s the difference between block themes and classic themes?

Block themes are a newer type of WordPress theme that are optimized for the WordPress Site Editor. They are sometimes known as Full Site Editing or FSE themes, as using one of them enables the user to edit all parts of their site, without knowing code.

Where classic themes use PHP templates, block themes use a mixture of HTML templates, blocks and block patterns (collections of blocks).

Best WordPress block themes of 2024

Here are more details on our picks for the ten best WordPress block themes…

1. Yith Wonder

Best WordPress block themes: Yith Wonder.

Yith Wonder is a block theme from Yith Themes, ideal for ecommerce. It has over 20,000 active installs.

Yith Wonder comes with seven style variations, and a selection of 15 Google Fonts if you want to alter the typography. Most of the style variations have sans-serif text.

Yith Wonder style variations.

The Gold Shades style variation is shown below:

Yith Wonder Gold Shades style variation.

The default fonts are Mulish and Roboto Slab.

Yith Wonder has 13 page templates, including ones for WooCommerce:

  • 404
  • archive
  • archive-product
  • home
  • index
  • no-header-footer
  • no-title
  • page
  • search
  • sidebar-left
  • sidebar-right
  • single
  • single-product

It also has 32 block patterns, including four different homepage designs, banners, testimonials and a 404 page.

Yith Wonder banners.

To use a block pattern on a new page, simply create the page and the available page patterns will pop up for you to use.

Yith Wonder page patterns.

As you’d expect from a full site editing theme, you can edit the header and footer of your site. Yith Wonder provides four header and three different footer patterns to choose from.

Yith Wonder site header patterns.
Yith Wonder site footer patterns.

2. Raft

Best WordPress block themes: Raft.

Raft is a theme by Themeisle that has over 10,000 active installs. It’s a versatile theme that can be used by bloggers, business and ecommerce sites.

Raft has 19 five star reviews, with users praising its ease of use, simplicity and flexibility.

Upon installing the theme you’re prompted to activate the Otter Blocks plugin. It adds a multitude of new blocks to the block editor, and additional block patterns.

Prompt to install Otter Blocks.
Some of the Otter Blocks.

The free version of Otter Blocks adds 22+ new blocks in all. If you pay for the pro version you have more to choose from, including WooCommerce blocks.

Raft has plentiful style variations, 12 in total, which you can see below. The Blue Retro style is highlighted.

Raft style variations showing Blue Retro.

There are also three styles with a serif font, like the Light Serif variation shown below.

Raft Light Serif style variation.

The default fonts used are Readex Pro (sans serif) and Source Serif Pro (serif).

Raft has the following page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • front-page
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-blank

It comes with a wide variety of block patterns, including an image gallery, FAQ, feature columns and call to action.

Raft block patterns.

Using Otter Blocks gives you more block patterns such as testimonials and team members:

Otter Blocks block patterns.

Raft’s blog page is a simple one column layout using the Posts Query loop block pattern:

Raft blog page.

3. Spectra One

Best WordPress block themes: Spectra One.

Spectra One is the full site editing theme from the makers of the popular Astra theme, Brainstorm Force. It has over 4,000 active installs.

Spectra One is suitable for blogs, businesses and portfolios.

The theme has 13 five star reviews on with users praising its speed, versatility and support. Spectra One is designed to be fast – it doesn’t load JavaScript or CSS unless the page needs it.

Upon installing the theme, you are prompted to install the Spectra plugin for over 30 additional blocks.

Prompt to install the Spectra builder.
List of Spectra blocks.

Spectra One has nine style variations, including four dark variations.

Spectra One style variations.

Here is the Aquamarine style variation:

Spectra One Aquamarine style variation.

The theme uses the Inter font. No other fonts are bundled with it.

Spectra One has nine page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • home
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-page-sidebar
  • template-single-sidebar

It boasts over 50 block patterns. Here are four of the featured ones:

Spectra One featured block patterns.

There is also a choice of eight headers and five footers and five blog page templates. Shown below are the headers and two of the blog page templates.

Spectra One header block patterns.
Spectra One blog page layouts.

4. Neve FSE

Best WordPress block themes: Neve FSE.

As the name suggests, Neve FSE is the Full Site Editing version of the popular Neve theme from Themeisle.

Neve FSE has over 3,000 active installs, while the “classic” version of the theme is active on over 300,000 sites.

Neve FSE is a minimalistic theme that is multipurpose. The makers say it can be used for “blogs, small businesses, startups, agencies, firms, ecommerce shops, personal portfolio sites, and more.”

The theme currently has all five star reviews, with users admiring its simplicity and load speed.

Neve FSE partners well with the Otter Blocks plugin, which is recommended.

It has eight style variations, six light and two dark, shown below. The Dark Pastel Red variation is featured.

Neve FSE style variations showing the Dark Pastel Red style variation.

This theme comes with an additional 11 font choices:

Neve FSE fonts.

Neve has the same eight page templates as Raft:

  • 404
  • archive
  • front-page
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-blank

The theme has over 30 block patterns, and four full page layouts for single posts and archives. The block patterns include a call to action, pricing table, team members and several post loops.

Neve FSE block patterns.

Neve FSE has four full page layouts, two for archives and two for single posts:

Neve FSE layouts.

5. BizBoost

Best WordPress block themes: BizBoost.

BizBoost from Catch Themes is another dark theme with 5,000+ active installs. It’s aimed at businesses, freelancers and ecommerce sites. It also suits photography and portfolio sites.

The theme uses the Poppins font. It doesn’t come with any style variations.

BizBoost comes with 13 page templates, including ones for ecommerce:

  • 404
  • archive
  • archive-product
  • blank
  • front-page
  • home
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • single-page-sidebar-on-right
  • single-post-sidebar-on-right
  • single-product

BizBoost has 14 block patterns. The block patterns include a three column featured content area, a hero content area and promotional contact pattern.

BizBoost block patterns.

BizBoost also has a choice of two headers and two footers to use:

BizBoost headers.
BizBoost footers.

BizBoost Pro, the theme’s premium version, has an additional 45+ block patterns, 26 full site editing templates and 22 template parts. It retails at $59.99.

6. Zeever

Best WordPress block themes: Zeever.

Zeever theme by Jegstudio is a stylish dark theme aimed at agencies and freelancers. It has over 10,000 active installs.

Zeever theme recommends adding the Gutenverse plugin for 45+ additional blocks to use and new patterns.

This theme doesn’t come with any style variations, so be sure that you like the look of it before making your choice. It uses the Poppins and Heebo fonts.

There are nine page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • blank-canvas
  • front-page
  • index
  • no-title
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-basic

The archive page features a three column layout, with a Load More button at the bottom:

Zeever archive page.

Zeever has 13 basic patterns, including a 404 page, About section and Call to Action.

Zeever basic patterns.

If you’ve installed Gutenverse you have an additional 29 patterns to work with. These include an About section, Contact Us page, FAQ and project galleries.

Some Gutenverse block patterns.
  • 💾 Download // 🏠 Homepage // 📚 Zeever theme doesn’t have documentation.

7. Fork

Best WordPress block themes: Fork.

Fork is another Themeisle Full Site Editing theme with over 3,000 active installs.

Like Neve FSE, Fork is suitable for a wide range of uses, including blogs, small businesses and ecommerce. It has eight five star ratings from users, who like the number of options, clean design and flexibility.

Like Raft and Neve FSE, Fork has eight page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • front-page
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-blank

It comes with six style variations, four light and two dark.

Fork style variations showing the Paper Purple style.

Fork has 13 block patterns including a gallery, pricing table and call to action. You can find more patterns to use if you install the Otter Blocks plugin.

Fork block patterns.

8. Riverbank

Best WordPress block themes: Riverbank.

Riverbank is another Themeisle theme for full site editing, with over 3,000 active installs. It’s one of the best WordPress block themes for people who prefer a more “organic” and “earthy” aesthetic.

Riverbank has all five star reviews, with users liking its ease of use, simplicity and flexibility.

Riverbank has a rustic look with its light tan background and Fraunces serif font. Its style variations feature three styles with serif fonts and three with sans serif fonts.

Riverbank style variations, showing the Deep Emerald style.
Riverbank Light Orange style variation.

If you want to change the typography, Riverbank gives you five choices of fonts.

Riverbank font choices.

Riverbank has eight page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • front-page
  • index
  • page
  • search
  • single
  • template-blank

The theme has 15 block patterns, including a hero section, call to action and pricing tables.

Riverbank block patterns.

Yet again the Otter Blocks plugin is recommended for use with Riverbank, and here are four of the 23 patterns you get with it:

Some Otter Blocks block patterns.

9. Frost

Best WordPress block themes: Frost.

Frost is a block WordPress theme from WP Engine, the popular managed WordPress host. With over 2,000 active installs, it’s another one of the best WordPress block themes for people who are looking for a strong starter theme.

It’s aimed at sites created for business or personal use and you can easily adapt it to blogs, portfolios, and more.

Frost has three five star reviews on, with users saying the theme is “amazing” and recommending it as a good starter option.

Frost has eight style variations including green, magenta and orange:

Frost style variations.
Frost style variations showing the different colors.

The theme uses the Outfit font. Alternative fonts are Default and Monospace.

Frost has nine page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • blank
  • home
  • index
  • no-title
  • page
  • search
  • single

The theme has four headers and eight footers:

Frost headers.
Frost footers.

Frost has a good selection of block patterns, including multiple pricing tables, testimonials and calls to action.

Frost testimonials patterns.

Frost also offers four full page layouts, for home, about, link and pricing pages. The about page is shown below:

Frost About page.

10. Jadro

Best WordPress block themes: Jadro.

Jadro theme is a community-developed theme managed by Codeinwp and is optimized for speed. It has over 700 active installs.

Jadro is intended for “blogs, small businesses, startups, law firms and other creative agencies.”

It has six style variations. The Hot Pink style is shown below.

Jadro theme style varations showing Hot Pink style.

Jadro uses the Intree font, with Figtree and Outfit being alternatives.

The theme has eight page templates:

  • 404
  • archive
  • front-page
  • index
  • no-title-space
  • page
  • search
  • single

The no-title-space page could be useful for building landing pages. It looks like this when in use:

Jadro No Title And Space page template.

Jadro has 11 block patterns, which includes two calls to action, a header with a button and one without, pricing table, team members and testimonials.

Jadro block patterns.

Where to download block themes

Go to and click on the Block Themes tab.

The theme list is filtered by the Full Site Editing tag.

WordPress block themes.

You can narrow your search by clicking on the Edit link and selecting further criteria to filter by. Then, use the Apply Filters button to search.

Filtering block themes by subject Ecommerce.

Select the Load more themes button to reveal more block themes.

Hover over a theme thumbnail to find more info about it or download it. You can also search for the theme name in the search box at the top if you know it.

Search for Fork theme.

Final thoughts on the best WordPress block themes 🧐

That wraps up our collection of the best WordPress block themes.

Choosing the best theme for your site will depend on the type of site you’re building and your preferred design aesthetic.

If you’re after an ecommerce site, Yith Wonder is a smart choice. If you’re looking for a more organic theme, Riverbank is just the one. BizBoost and Zeever are both sleek dark themes that would suit agencies.

Finally, if you want a good starter theme, Raft, Neve FSE, Spectra One, and Frost are all worth considering.

👉 Or, you can always build your own WordPress block theme – it might be easier than you think!

Do you still have any questions about choosing between the best WordPress block themes? Let us know in the comments!

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