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40+ Best Gifts for Gamers (2023): Tech, Decor, Hardware, Creative, and More

If there’s someone in your life who loves gaming, call yourself lucky because when the time comes for you to buy a present for a gamer, you have plenty of options to choose from! The video game market gets bigger every year and has one of the most dedicated worldwide communities. Hence, it is not complicated to find suggestions of the best gifts for gamers.

What you’ll see next is a compilation of cool, practical, and creative presents for a game lover. Nothing too nerdy or kitschy, just nice enough to make your gamer friends happy. So, if you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift, get your inspiration from this post and stop worrying about not coming up with a smart idea in time.

Best Gifts for Gamers

Don’t worry about money either. You’ll see a variety of products from only a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. However, we’ll be focusing on gifts that you can purchase at a decent, average price. Money doesn’t have to be an impediment to getting someone an awesome present!

Let’s get started with the list!

🎁 Best gifts for gamers in 2023 – for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions


1. Video Games Bucket List Poster

A bucket list poster for gamers that features 100 must-play video games in a lifetime. The gamers can scratch off every played game to keep track of them. It is also a cool piece of decoration and gives personality to a gamer’s room.

💵 Price: $18

best gifts for gamers: video games bucket list poster


2. Game Console Case for iPhone

If the gamer in your life has an iPhone, why not give them a special case for it? Like one that recreates a game console. The case is resistant to raindrops, dust, shocks, and scratches. But, most importantly, it allows you to play retro games on it. How cool is that?

💵 Price: $20


3. Wireless Gaming Earbuds

A pair of high-quality earbuds for gamers who can’t stay away from playing even when they are on the go. You can connect them to Nintendo Switch, mobile phones, computers, PS5 to get master sound anywhere you are. Via the EPOS Gaming Suite, you can customize the sound the way you like.

💵 Price: $‌149


4. “Final Fantasy” Cookbook

Another cool one here, but make sure your friend has played Final Fantasy before buying it. It’s a book that features all the recipes in the game so you can cook them in real life. It’s a symbolic gift for a Final Fantasy fan that has a practical side as well.

💵 Price: $35

best gifts for gamers: Final Fantasy cookbook


5. “Final Fantasy” Bookmark

Since we’re at Final Fantasy, another gift suggestion for a fan of the game is a physical bookmark that reproduces the progress-saving screen in the game. It’s a cheap item and can make for an ingenious addition to other gift ideas.

💵 Price: $5


6. Apple AirPods Case

Similar to the iPhone case that we listed earlier, this is another game console case but for Apple AirPods. What makes it a great gift for a gamer is the design. It provides a keychain and comes in three colors – black, white, and pink.

💵 Price: $14.99

best gifts for gamers: airpods case game console


7. “My Arcade” Retro Machine

A mini arcade that comes with 300 built-in retro-style games, such as puzzles, sports, racing, adventure, and more. Since it’s small, you can pack it and take it with you when traveling. It has incorporated speakers and volume control so you can play games with sound.

Or, you can choose from the many options on the official website.

💵 Price: $39.99

besft gifts for gamers: my arcade retro machine


8. Nintendo Geek Pack

If they already have a Nintendo Switch, give them a package that includes cool accessories for it – case, screen protector, racing wheels, joy-con grips, controller charge dock, comfort grip case, USB cables, charging stations, headphones, electronic pen, etc.

💵 Price: $40.50


9. Nintendo Game & Watch – Super Mario Bros.

This is one of the best gifts for gamers who collect various gaming items. It’s especially cool for people who are nostalgic about childhood games. This mini-game system lets you play the entire Super Mario Bros. as you used to when you were a kid.

💵 Price: $69.99


10. Nintendo Entertainment System

Another Nintendo product that falls into the expensive gifts category. It’s a Lego reproduction of the original console, controller, and Game Pak cartridge. You also get a retro TV with a capture from Super Mario Bros. You put all the pieces together yourself and then play the game.

💵 Price: $229.99


11. Nintendo Switch Lite

Here’s the Lite version of the classic Nintendo Switch. What’s the difference? Lite is cheaper, smaller, lighter, has a hand-held-only system, and doesn’t come with a TV output. All of these features make it a better companion when you travel a lot.

💵 Price: $199.99


12. Nintendo Switch Classic

With some extra money, you can buy the classic Nintendo Switch that every gamer wishes to have. It’s not as traveler-friendly as its Lite counterpart, but it’s one of the best gifts for gamers that you will find out there.

If you decide to gift this Switch, you can combine it with a portable charger.

💵 Price: $299.99


13. PlayStation T-shirt

You can never fail with a simple T-shirt, especially if it has the PlayStation logo printed on it. Out of all the best gifts for gamers, you will stay safe and practical with this one.

💵 Price: $19.95


14. Apple Watch Stand

In the same range as the cases for AirPods and iPhones, an Apple Watch stand can also be a good gift idea for a gamer. Instead of keeping your watch on the table, why not keep it in console-like stand?

💵 Price: $15.99

best gifts for gamers: Apple Watch stand


15. Gaming Chair

This chair was built for gamers who spend hours in front of the computer (if not all day). It brings extra comfort for the back and has an adjustable headset, body temperature regulation system, armrest adjustment, and a few other features that make gaming less painful.

💵 Price: $289.99

best gifts for gamers: gaming chair


16. Professional Studio LED Panel

If your gamer is not only playing games but also streaming gaming sessions online, they will appreciate this gift for sure. It’s a professional LED panel with light for camera-enabled video recordings. It’s highly adjustable and doesn’t occupy much space in the room.

💵 Price: $199.99


17. Virtual Reality Headset

If you plan to buy something sophisticated, cool, and more expensive, a VR headset should make your list. Oculus Quest 2 offers three memory capacity variants and immerses the user into an “almost real” gaming experience.

💵 Price: $299

best gifts for gamers: virtual reality headset


18. Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset

A gaming headset with a microphone for live gaming sessions. The headset provides high-fidelity sound, noise-canceling, an advanced speaker system (EPOS technology), comfort, and an adjustable headband.

💵 Price: $149

best gifts for gamers: gaming headset


19. Lego Minecraft

If you know a gamer who loves both Minecraft and Lego, this one is a hit. It’s an expensive gift, of course, but it will probably delight the receiver very much. They can build the mine from the game themselves out of 900+ pieces of Lego and keep it as a great souvenir in their house.

💵 Price: $400


20. Ring Fit Adventure

If you think gaming makes you sit down too much, you can buy a Ring-Con that puts you at physical work while playing online games. Attach the switch to the ring, the strap to your leg, and play the game. You need to do real-life movements to guide your character in the game.

💵 Price: $79.99

best gifts for gamers: Ring Fit Adventure


21. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at a screen 12 hours a day will probably hurt your eyes in the long term. These glasses were made to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light that they capture every day. Maybe this gift won’t be as fancy as others on the list, but it’s useful and healthy.

💵 Price: starting at $95


22. HDMI switcher

Those gamers who connect lots of devices to get the full gaming experience need lots of ports to make it happen. Giving them an HDMI switcher with multiple in ports is indeed very practical.

You can connect multiple devices to this one thing and then have just one monitor on the other side. You can switch between the device that’s active at the moment.

💵 Price: $8.99


23. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Xbox fans will appreciate this gift. Even if they already own a controller set, one more is never a waste, especially if they enjoy organizing gaming nights with friends. The controller is wireless, and the battery lasts up to 40 hours. It’s compatible with Windows 10, too.

💵 Price: $149.99


24. Fitness Pedal

Similar to the switch ring that we featured earlier, this is another cool gift for an avid gamer. Why not stay fit while gaming? The portable pedal can be placed under the desk so you can exercise while playing your favorite games. It tracks calories, distance, and provides training modes by intensity.

💵 Price: $43.89


25. Steam Gift Card

A Steam gift card is one of the best gifts for gamers, no doubt about it. If you do not know what’s on the gamer’s wishlist, offering them a gift card is a safe move that will be appreciated. Guaranteed.

💵 Price: $20-$100

best gifts for gamers: Steam gift card


26. Galaxy Projector

One of the fancier gifts is a Galaxy projector that creates a dim “skylight ocean wave” atmosphere in the room. It adds to the gaming experience and makes your physical space more mysterious and immersive. The projector has eight light modes that you can control via your phone.

💵 Price: $28.99


27. Gaming Mouse Pad

This mouse pad was specifically made for gamers. What’s so special about it? It’s extra-large, water-resistant, has nine lighting modes, and provides a non-slippery rubber base. It can be also used as a keyboard pad.

💵 Price: $16.99


28. Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard enhances the gaming experience because its design reduces hand and wrist pain, it’s non-slippery at the base, provides RGB lighting on each key, has a metal top plate that makes it resistant to long days of extreme usage, and offers octagonal key shapes.

💵 Price: $79.99


29. “Blood, Sweat, and Pixels” Book

This sounds like a lot of fun for a gamer to read. It’s one of the best gifts for gamers because it covers the story behind how video games come to light. You’ll learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly about building a game and the insights of popular developers on what it takes to go through the entire process.

💵 Price: $12.94


30. Arcade Light Switch

This is a decorative item for a gamer’s house that can make for a nice symbolic gift. Especially if the gamer you know loves turning their personal space into a themed decor. It comes in many colors and doesn’t require any electric wiring. You just need to replace the existing faceplate with it.

💵 Price: $11.99


31. Custom Pixel Art

Who would want a regular photo when you can create a pixel art photo? This is an original gift idea for gamers because it takes a traditional gift and makes it special. It’s a really cool present to hang on a gamer’s wall.

💵 Price: $44

best gifts for gamers: custom pixel art


32. Playstation Icons Light

If you were to buy them a lamp, why not one that’s made up of the classic PlayStation gamepad buttons? Apart from looking nice, it will also light their room when they are gaming. It has three different light modes with standard lighting and special effects.

💵 Price: $31.99


33. PlayStation Chocolate Controller

If you give this to a gamer, they will probably never dare to eat it. No matter whether it will end up as decor or as food, it’s still something original to gift to a gamer.

💵 Price: $21

Image: Etsy


34. PlayStation Watch

This is a digital watch that is shaped like the original PlayStation. Moreover, it’s made of silicone and has a backlit illuminated display. It’s a great gift for video game collectors.

Or what about this Game Boy watch?

💵 Price: $25.00

best gifts for gamers: PlayStation watch

Image: ebay


35. Wireless Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has a 25K optical sensor, RGB lighting, 140-hour lifetime with rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, and 25,600 DPI sensitivity.

You can pair it with the Powerplay wireless charging system for $220.

💵 Price: $89.99 (mouse only)

best gifts for gamers: gaming mouse

Image: Logitech


36. Micro SD for the Nintendo Switch

Improve a gamer’s experience with their Nintendo Switch by offering them a micro SD card. This will allow them to store even more games on the switch. The SD brings 128 GB of additional storage to a Nintendo switch.

💵 Price: $30.99

Image: Nintendo


37. “The Game Console: A History in Photographs” Book

Another book about gaming. This one in particular tells the story of the game console: how it was born and evolved over the years. You’ll find a lot of imagery that highlights the transition from Atari to Xbox.

💵 Price: $29.99


38. Sony PlayStation Wallet

Another representation of the old PlayStation, but this time as a wallet. It’s one of the best gifts for gamers because it’s original, practical, and feeds a hobby. I don’t see any reason to not take it into consideration.

💵 Price: $28

best gifts for gamers: PlayStation wallet

Image: Amazon


39. Xbox One Controller Table

This one’s got to be one of the coolest gifts for gamers ever, but it’s also the most expensive on the list; by much. It’s a coffee table inspired by an Xbox Controller. But hey, if you gather the gang to contribute to this gift, maybe it’s possible.

💵 Price: $1,247

best gifts for gamers: Xbox controller table

Image: Etsy


40. Pac-Man Ghost Lamp

An alternative lamp to what we already featured is the Pac-Man lamp. Another original concept that a gamer will love to keep on their desk instead of a normal lamp. It’s multicolored, provides special effects, reacts to music, and it’s USB-powered.

💵 Price: $31.99


41. Video Gamer Tie

A tie is a nice gift for a boy or a man, especially if he is a gamer. It has mini controllers embroidered on it. It’s a clothing accessory that adds a pinch of personality to whoever is wearing it.

💵 Price: $24.95

Final thoughts on the best gifts for gamers in 2023

That’s the end of our list. With the holidays coming up, you now have a basket of options to gift to all the gamers you know. And you probably have the peace of mind that you will be ready with something awesome just in time.

With all that being said, we got you covered! For this year and probably many years to come!

Which one is the greatest or most original gift idea for gamers in this post? Have you already picked something?

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