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20+ Best Free Bootstrap Templates for ReactJS in 2024

Building a nice UI for an admin area of your site or theme can be challenging. There’s a lot of parts that you want to make good-looking, but there’s also hardly time to really polish things up and make sure that the presentation is pixel-perfect everywhere. This is where some best free Bootstrap templates for ReactJS come into play.

If you know which way to look, you’ll notice a large number of resources (free and paid) waiting to be used on your online projects.

Of course, you’ll still need to integrate them into your build, but the point is that you can create a good-looking interface even if you are not incredibly design-conscious.

For instance, in the case of ReactJS, there are ready-made kit packages that you can integrate pretty easily. They’ve been built to serve various purposes and can help you complete your site’s appearance by adding fresh and gorgeous elements. We’ll show you some of those Bootstrap templates for ReactJS today. And, most importantly, they are all free.

Best free Bootstrap templates for ReactJS in 2024

1. Material Dashboard React

Material Dashboard React view Material Dashboard React on mobile
  • Inspired by Google’s Material Design.
  • Material-UI framework.
  • Sheets of paper following multiple different layers.
  • Five color filter choices for sidebar and card headers.
  • Background image in the sidebar.
  • Material effects, animations, ripples and transitions.
  • 30 handcrafted components.
Shards Dashboard Lite React view Shards Dashboard Lite React on mobile
  • Fully responsive.
  • Custom components and templates.
  • Lightweight and optimized for speed.
  • 1500 supported icons (FontAwesome & Material icon packs).
  • Modern design system.
  • Source files included (SCSS and Sketch files).
  • Blog posts, forms, content editor, tables, user profile, errors.
Light Blue React view Light Blue React on mobile
  • Easy to customize
  • Fully responsive.
  • Built for SAAS, CRM, financial management application and so on.
  • Developer-friendly dashboard.
  • Typography, tables basic, notifications, components, etc.
UI-Material Admin Template view UI-Material Admin Template on mobile
  • Responsive design.
  • Built for dashboards and admin pages.
  • React and Material UI components.
  • Colorful and modern design.
  • Login, tables, forms, and dashboard widgets.
  • Simple and intuitive components.
  • Animated progress bars.
ReactJS-AdminLTE view ReactJS-AdminLTE on mobile
  • Built for admin pages and dashboards.
  • ReactJS Timeline included.
  • Customizable components.
  • Two dashboard versions.
  • Charts, tables, forms, mailbox, calendar, and more.
  • Layout options.
CoreUI view CoreUI on mobile
  • Bootstrap 4 and React based.
  • Built for user interfaces.
  • Four plugins included.
  • Provides charts and graphs for traffic, sales, stats, social media, user activity.
  • Multiple colors for the elements.
  • Modern and intuitive interface.
  • SCSS source files.
Argon Dashboard React view Argon Dashboard React on mobile
  • Built for Bootstrap 4 and Reactstrap.
  • 100 handcrafted elements.
  • Five customized plugins.
  • Six example pages.
  • Fully coded components.
  • Color and style variations via SASS files.
Director Admin Template view Director Admin Template on mobile
  • Responsive template.
  • Built for dashboards and admin pages.
  • Colorful buttons, icons, labels, and tickers.
  • Stats cards, charts, progress bars, Twitter feed, to-do lists etc.
  • Modern and beautiful design.
  • Four preview versions: Dashboard, General, Basic, and SimpleTables.
  • Search bar and clock in the dashboard menu.
React Blur Admin view React Blur Admin on mobile
  • Built for admin dashboards.
  • Tables, forms, maps, charts, UI features, and basic components.
  • Gray-and-blue color scheme.
  • Pages, demos, and layouts can be downloaded separately.
Administration Dashboard Template view Administration Dashboard Template on mobile
  • Made with React.js in ES6 JavaScript.
  • Uses Webpack as module bundler.
  • Bootstrap grid.
  • Font Awesome integration.
  • Pale colors.
  • Modern and easy widgets.
  • Includes charts, maps, tables, forms, typography etc.
Paper Dashboard React view Paper Dashboard React on mobile
  • Four customized plugins.
  • 16 handcrafted elements.
  • Seven example pages.
  • Bootstrap admin panel.
  • Combines soft colours with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics.
  • Light and easy to use.
Xtreme React Admin Lite Xtreme React Admin Lite on mobile
  • Offers free lifetime updates.
  • Seven demo versions available.
  • Packed with 100+ font icons.
  • Ready to use widgets.
  • Clean and modern interface.
  • Four unique dashboard variations.
  • Two types of charts.
  • Multiple UI components.
Admin on Rest view Admin on Rest on mobile
  • Built with Create React app.
  • E-commerce components.
  • Statistics widgets on the admin homepage.
  • Reviews, categories, posters, orders, segments etc.
  • Clean and minimalist design.
  • Built for online shops.
  • Light and dark skins.

14. CxJS

CxJS view CxJS on mobile
  • Built for business, dashboards, and admin apps.
  • Feature-rich JavaScript framework.
  • Widgets, charts, state management, layouts etc.
  • Advanced theme control.
  • Contains five different apps.
  • Four chart types.
  • Inner and outer layouts.
ReactJS Admin Template view ReactJS Admin Template on mobile
  • Application framework for ReactJS.
  • Dashboard, charts, forms, multi-level drop-down and other components.
  • Sample pages including blank page and login page.
  • Minimalist and clean design.
  • Custom typography.
  • Configurable side navigation.
  • Collapsible notification bar.
SB Admin 2 view SB Admin 2 on mobile
  • Based on Bootstrap 4.
  • Built for dashboards or web app UI.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Three custom panel styles (red, yellow, and green).
  • Powerful jQuery plugins for extended functionality.
  • Built-in library of social buttons.
  • Bootstrap chat widget from Bootsnipp.
React-Django Admin view React-Django Admin on mobile
  • Administration interface.
  • Bootstrap-based templates.
  • Uses Django Rest Framework.
  • OAuth2 provider.
  • Web login for any OAuth2-based API.
  • Users list template.
  • Change password and new user components.
React Webpack Skeleton view React Webpack Skeleton on mobile
  • Contains the individual elements of Blur theme.
  • Buttons, bars, tables, about box, text inputs, modals, tabs, notifications.
  • Blue-green color scheme.
  • Multicolored elements.
  • Not Found page.
  • Welcome page featuring different panels.

19. Tabler

React Tabler view React Tabler on mobile
  • Elements grouped into categories: interface, blog, gallery, pages, forms.
  • Widgets for stores, blogs, cards, pricing tables, contact forms, surveys, page errors.
  • Minimalist, clean components.
  • Admin dashboard included.
  • Flickr-like photo gallery/portfolio.
  • Seven error pages + login/register forms.
React Reduction view React Reduction on mobile
  • Built on top of Create React App.
  • Basic Google Analytics integration.
  • Pink-purple color scheme.
  • Interactive, modern, and colorful elements.
  • Charts, pages, cards, widgets, components, contents (typography, tables).
  • Admin dashboard.
  • Components: buttons, forms, drop-downs, badges, alerts, input groups, modals, and progress bars.

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