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20+ of the Best Angular Admin Dashboard Templates in 2024

Why would you care about best Angular admin dashboard templates? Well, there’s a lot that goes into building any application for the web. But thanks to some great platforms and frameworks, you don’t even have to code each component from scratch.

One among these frameworks is Angular, which provides a great take-off point for your project. Once you build your application, you’ll also be able to reuse the code in your subsequent projects or share it with other developers.

What this means for you is that you can focus on building your app rather than writing intricate code. And, to make it easier, there are many ready-made templates that serve as a starting point. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Angular admin dashboard templates.

20+ Best Angular admin dashboard templates

1. Metronic

Metronic view Metronic on mobile
  • Complete Native Angular 6 included
  • Full Angular Material and Full Angular Bootstrap integration
  • Enterprise-ready file structure
  • Permission and role-based access control system
  • No jQuery dependency
  • Angular-CLI and Webpack for Angular version
  • Production-ready with full application stack and authentication
AdminPro view AdminPro on mobile
  • Free and Premium
  • Three colorful dashboards and 1500 page templates
  • Plentiful widgets and chart options
  • Variety of forms and table examples included
  • 300+ UI components and 100+ integrated plugins
  • Frontend landing page
  • Light and dark sidebar
Sing App Angular view Sing on mobile
  • Fully responsive admin template
  • Two colorful dashboards and hundreds of pages
  • Eight different chart options
  • Built with Angular 8 and Bootstrap 4
  • Create Angular dashboards and eCommerce apps
  • Static and hover sidebar
Paper Dashboard Angular view Paper Dashboard Angular on mobile
  • 160 components and 15 customized plugins
  • 25 Example pages
  • PSD files included
  • Spacious cards and graphics
  • Powerful, easy-to use dashboard
  • Free and Pro versions
  • Documentation included
ngx-admin view ngx-admin on mobile
  • 100+ UI components integrated with backend services
  • Optimized for mobiles
  • Three themes and two dashboards for customization
  • Backend integration bundle kits for .NET, Node.js, Ruby, PHP
  • Ready-to-use solution or add incremental functions
  • Backend services and repository layers with data access
  • JSON Web Authentication setup for UI and backend
Monarch view Monarch on mobile
  • Built using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and AngularJS
  • Includes gallery page and landing page
  • Many easy-to-customize UI elements such as charts, tables, todo lists and more
  • Dozens of color variations
  • Modular structure
  • Form validation and WYSIWYG editor
  • Font Icons and email templates
Angle view Angle on mobile
  • Multiple ready-to-run frameworks
  • RTL support
  • Background video and touch carousel
  • Site preloader and sticky navbar
  • Can be used in any type of web application dashboard
  • Lazyload routes and Ahead of Time support
  • No jQuery
Material Dashboard Angular view Material Dashboard Angular on mobile
  • 200 components
  • 15 customized plugins
  • 27 Example pages
  • PSD files included
  • Well documented
  • Inspired by Google’s Material design
  • Built with Bootstrap 4
Apex view Apex on mobile
  • Two niche dashboards and 25+ ready-to-use components
  • Starter kit for developer included
  • RTL and Ahead of Time support
  • Advanced widgets for charts, cards and menus
  • Gradient menu options with background image
  • Extra pages for login, error, user profile and more
  • Audio and video player, audio and video chat
StartNG view StartNG on mobile
  • Six different layouts and ten color styles
  • Dynamic menu and Angular perfect scrollbar
  • Angular drag-and-drop and toaster
  • Maps, forms and calendars
  • Lazy loading and nested routing
  • Data tables, smart tables and charts
  • Many example pages and ready-to-use elements
MaterialPro view MaterialPro on mobile
  • Six dashboards and five demo variations
  • 700+ pages and 500+ UI components
  • 3000+ Font Icons and 100+ plugins
  • Megamenu, Lightbox and Range slider
  • Light and dark color schemes and sidebar themes
  • Data table export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
  • Main PSD files included
CoreUI view CoreUI on mobile
  • AngularJS and Bootstrap 4 based template
  • UI kits for invoicing and emails
  • Dark layout available
  • Angular breadcrumb, date range picker and UI calendar included
  • Loading bar, charts and Toaster included
  • Free access to updates and source files
  • Based on popular web components and frameworks
Xenon view Xenon on mobile
  • Includes many UI components, layout variants and theme skins
  • Multiple menu formats and data tables
  • Every request is processed with AJAX
  • High quality images, fonts and text on all devices
  • Predefined skins or generate your own
  • Well designed mail system that integrates with your own
  • Profile page, timeline and chat
Decima view Decima on mobile
  • Fully responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin template
  • Supports lazy loading and Ahead of Time
  • Light and dark color schemes
  • Lots of reusable elements
  • Number of widgets included
  • Language translation
  • Easy to customize
Primer view Primer on mobile
  • Creative material design admin template
  • Both React and Angular version
  • Available in light and dark skin
  • Easy to translate
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly
  • Works on all Angular dashboard based project
Fuse view Fuse on mobile
  • 20+ page layouts, dark and light color themes
  • Various navigation options
  • Many pages for Authentication, Maintenance, FAQ and more
  • Built-in apps for calendar, todo, chat and more
  • Includes Mail (NgRx) app
  • Ahead of Time compatible
  • Material design Admin template
Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular view Light Bootstrap Dashboard Angular on mobile
  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • 120 components
  • 15 plugins
  • 24 Example pages
  • Well documented
  • SASS and Sketch files included
  • Free and premium versions
Light Blue Angular view Light Blue Angular on mobile
  • 30 unique pages
  • Eight chart libraries
  • Developer-oriented transparent dashboard
  • Easily customizable widgets
  • Multiple color schemes
  • 100+ unique components
  • Deep background, fully documented code base
Fury view Fury on mobile
  • Built with Angular and Material design by Google
  • Add navigation menu items dynamically
  • Auto-generation of breadcrumbs
  • Uses Flex layouts by Angular
  • 300+ Material Icons by Google, Dialog modals in Material design
  • Snack Bar notifications
  • Advanced Google Maps integration
Angular Material Dashboard view Angular Material Dashboard on mobile
  • Uses AngularJS
  • Angular UI router
  • Angular Material
  • Profile page
  • Message sidebar
  • Graphics for data visualization
  • Responsive and fast loading
Now UI Dashboard Angular view Now UI Dashboard Angular on mobile
  • 16 handcrafted elements
  • Five customized plugins
  • Seven example pages
  • Light colors and gorgeous typography
  • Spacious cards and graphics
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with tables, user profiles, notifications, icons, and maps
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