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6 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins You Can Use in 2023

Amazon Associates is one of the most prestigious affiliate programs. However, when you add product information to your pages (like pricing details), your content can quickly become inaccurate. That’s why you might be looking for one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

Fortunately, there are tons of Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to choose from. While most of them make it super easy to insert your affiliate links, you can also access plenty of useful features like geo-targeting, comparison boxes, and bestseller lists.

best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how these Amazon affiliate plugins work. Then, we’ll discuss six of the best of them to add to your WordPress site. Let’s jump right in! 🦘

An introduction to Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins

When we talk about Amazon affiliate plugins, we mainly refer to plugins that make it easy to add Amazon affiliate links to your content. Typically, most of these plugins use the Amazon Product Advertising API to do this (although some plugins use other methods).

The reason that you might want to use a dedicated plugin to display your affiliate links is because Amazon Associates has super strict rules for displaying accurate pricing details. If you enter product prices manually, your content can become outdated when/if product prices change.

Instead, you can use an Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin (with the API), so that your content reflects any changes that Amazon makes to the listing. Of course, you could manually update the details on your site. However, this is extremely time-consuming, and since a plugin works automatically, it offers a more efficient alternative.

Some of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins also provide extra features that help you promote Amazon products on your site. For instance, you can find tools that include geo-targeting to personalize offers for visitors in different locations. Plus, you’ll find options to create product listings or comparison tables.

Best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins in 2023

Now that you know why it’s a good idea to use Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins, let’s take a look at six of the best options.

  1. AAWP
  2. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy
  3. AzonPress
  4. EasyAzon
  5. Auto Amazon Links
  6. Pretty Links


AAWP is one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

AAWP is one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins on the market. One of the reasons why this tool outshines its competitors is that it offers numerous ways to insert your Amazon affiliate links. For example, you can use standard text links, create product boxes, and add data fields (using the API).

You’ll also find multiple display templates to list best-selling products and new releases. Better yet, you can ensure that your product information stays up-to-date and accurate since this plugin utilizes the Amazon API. Plus, the tool helps you maintain speedy performances thanks to features like caching and support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

⚙️ Key details

  • Automated data updates
  • Affiliate link creation and tracking ID
  • Caching
  • Prepared templates like lists, boxes, and tables
  • Geo-targeting
  • Comparison tables
  • Bestseller and new release lists

💳 Price

You can get started with AAWP for $49.

2. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy

Feedzy is a free plugin that lets you curate content, autoblog, as well as import (and display) an unlimited number of RSS feeds. This way, your website will always stay fresh with new content.

You can use the tool to display an Amazon product (or multiple products) as a feed. All you need to do is head to the Amazon Product Advertising tab in the Feedzy settings to insert an Amazon URL or ASIN number as your source. Then, you can even add product details, product titles, taxonomies, descriptions, and a featured image.

⚙️ Key details

  • Feed-to-Post functionality (convert RSS feed items into page, post, or custom post content)
  • Bulk import and organize feed sources
  • Control the number of items you display
  • Title character limit to optimize items
  • Caching
  • Keyword filter
  • Automatically translate content
  • Parse and display prices
  • Add affiliate referrals to feed URLs

💳 Price

Feedzy is a free WordPress plugin, but there’s also a premium version with more advanced features. Premium plans start at $99 a year.

3. AzonPress

AzonPress is one of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins.

AzonPress is a premium Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. Similar to AAWP, you can use the tool to insert text links and build product lists, boxes, and comparison tables.

The geo-targeting functionality is super advanced, enabling you to redirect shoppers to their local Amazon store(s). What’s more, you can access tons of neat features like the Feature Box to highlight the best product within your list or table.

⚙️ Key details

  • Automatic product updates
  • Responsive product tables
  • Automated comparison tables
  • Bestseller lists
  • Geo-targeting
  • Accurate tracking
  • Customizable layouts like grids, lists, tables, and widgets

💳 Price

For a single website, you can install AzonPress for $31.

4. EasyAzon

One of the main reasons EasyAzon makes this list of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins is that you can access its core features for free. However, you can get additional features like automated bestseller lists and product filtering with the premium version (which is actually AAWP).

EasyAzon offers a quick, simple way to add affiliate links to your posts and pages, plus a link cloaking tool to create short, attractive versions of complex affiliate links. This plugin is a basic option, but this makes it an ideal choice for beginners that don’t want to get to grips with complex setups and features. Plus, with EasyAzon, you’ll benefit from Amazon Affiliate Training to maximize your Amazon commissions.

⚙️ Key details

  • Automatically apply nofollow or open links in a new tab
  • Display product popups on hover
  • Amazon Affiliate Training
  • Image affiliate links
  • Product information blocks
  • Amazon “Buy Now” buttons
  • Link cloaking
  • Add-to-Cart functionality
  • Automatic link localization

💳 Price

You can get started with the free plugin or upgrade to AAWP for extra features.

Auto Amazon Links is another free Amazon affiliate plugin that uses the most recent version of the Amazon API, ensuring that your site maintains accurate product details. Better yet, you can display your products in four ways, including dynamic feeds, a search query, item look-up, and a standard URL.

You can also take advantage of other useful features like custom buttons, geo-targeting, and auto-link conversion. Additionally, you can add products via Gutenberg, as a widget, or using shortcode.

⚙️ Key details

  • Supports all Amazon Associates locales
  • Automatic insertion in posts and feeds
  • Customizable buttons
  • Geo-targeting
  • Auto-link conversion
  • URL cloacking
  • Adjust thumbnail size and shuffle product order
  • List products as category feeds, product search, or URL

💳 Price

Auto Amazon Links is a completely free WordPress plugin.

Like Feedzy, Pretty Links isn’t fully dedicated to affiliate marketing through Amazon. Instead, it’s predominantly a link cloaking (and tracking) plugin that can be used on all of your affiliate links (whether Amazon or not).

You can shorten links using your own domain name and track each hit on the URL. Better yet, you’ll get to choose exactly how users are redirected, including cloaked redirects, JavaScript redirects, and geographic redirects. Plus, you’re able to set an expiration date on your links and configure an appropriate redirect.

⚙️ Key details

  • One-click link sharing
  • Supports 301, 302, and 307 redirects
  • Track clicks and unique clicks for each link
  • Highly customizable reports
  • Download click data as a CSV file
  • Keyword and URL replacement
  • Advanced redirect types
  • Expired links (with unique redirect destinations)

💳 Price

You can install the free Pretty Links plugin or upgrade to a paid plan from $99.50 per year.

Final thoughts on the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins 🏁

Adding Amazon affiliate products to your web pages is a great way to boost your commissions. However, it’s important to make sure that your content automatically updates to ensure that you abide by Amazon Associates rules. Therefore, you might want to install an Amazon affiliate plugin to achieve this. Meanwhile, you can access extra features like link cloaking, redirects, and geo-targeting.

🏆 To recap, here are six of the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins to choose from:

  1. AAWP: A premium tool that lets you create bestseller lists and display new releases.
  2. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy: A great way to import and display RSS feeds with affiliate referrals.
  3. AzonPress: A paid Amazon plugin with an advanced geo-targeting feature.
  4. EasyAzon: A free, simple tool with Amazon Training to maximize your commissions.
  5. Auto Amazon Links: Enables you to display products in feeds, search queries, item look-ups, and URLs.
  6. Pretty Links: A link cloaking and tracking plugin with advanced redirect types.

Do you have any questions about how to choose the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin? Let us know in the comments below!

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