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15 Best Admin Dashboard Templates (Free Download Available)

Today, let’s put the spotlight on the best admin dashboard templates (free download). The admin space of a website or web tool often doesn’t get as much attention as what’s on the front-end of the operation. This is perfectly understandable. After all, you want your visitors to be impressed with your creation most of all. That said, the admin space should also get a bit of love ❤️, and this is where some of the best admin dashboard templates come into play.

Best Admin Dashboard Templates.

What’s helpful is that setting up the back-end need not be as time-consuming as designing the front-end. The very best templates give you the framework, structure, and format to set up your admin area and share it with your team. They also usually come with a set of components that you can pick and choose from per your project’s needs. Some templates are designed for specific use cases, like ecommerce, while others are more general-purpose in nature. That said, they can all be customized or modified to suit your brand or requirements.

Once modified, components can be saved and reused later. What’s more, many admin dashboard templates include multiple example pages, such as the login page or a 404 error page, that you can use as is on your website.

In this post, we take a look at some of the top of the line admin dashboard templates (free download) that you can use for your projects:

Best admin dashboard template downloads in 2022

1. Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard view Material Dashboard on mobile
  • Inspired by Google’s Material Design 2.
  • Bold elements to build beautiful websites.
  • 60+ frontend individual elements.
  • Elements are fully implemented.
  • Nine pre-built example pages.
  • Easily modify colors using SASS files.
  • Freedom to choose and combine elements like buttons, navbars, cards and alerts.
  • Billing pages included.
  • Pre-built design block for seamless development.
  • Many pages for Sign In, Profile, Notifications and more.
AdminLTE3 view AdminLTE3 on mobile
  • Built on Bootstrap.
  • Provides a range of responsive, reusable and commonly used components.
  • W3C verified HTML5 and CSS3 syntax.
  • Responsive, mobile-first design.
  • Features 1000+ icons including Font Awesome Icons, Ion Icons and Glyphicons.
  • Six skins to match your branding.
  • Edit the LESS variables to create your own.
  • Support for printing any page.
  • Fast and ligtweight.
  • Multiple plugins, including three custom made plugins.
Tabler view Tabler on mobile
  • Responsive, high-quality UI.
  • Built on Bootstrap.
  • Offers multiple layouts.
  • Includes RTL mode.
  • Transparent, dark, and sticky versions available.
  • Numerous form elements for sign-in pages.
  • Buttons, colors, images, calendar and flag selection for easy form filling.
  • Pick from a range of interfaces like tables, carousel, lists or charts.
  • Extra elements like gallery, price cards and invoice included.
  • Easily editable.
ngx-admin view ngx-admin on mobile
  • Built with Angular 9+
  • Template with 100+ UI components.
  • Integrated with backend solution of your choice.
  • Backend services and repository layers with data access.
  • Use as is or add functionality incrementally.
  • Responsive with mobile-first approach.
  • Four themes and two dashboards.
  • Components include charts, maps, tables, editors and more.
  • Easy to change themes.
  • Completely free and MIT licensed.
Gentelella view Gentelella on mobile
  • Three dashboard versions.
  • Multiple form elements that include buttons and wizard.
  • Advanced form components and validation options included.
  • Fixed footer and sidebar options available.
  • Elements include popups, accordions, notifications, progress bars and more.
  • Also included are typography and icon options.
  • Dynamic tables and charts for data presentation.
  • Ecommerce, Projects, Profile and Contact pages included.
  • Multilevel Menu.
  • Additional pages for login, 404 error and more included.
BlurAdmin view BlurAdmin on mobile
  • A good choice for large Angular applications.
  • Components include Mail, Timeline and Tree view.
  • Access to multiple chart formats.
  • Plentiful UI features.
  • Multiple form layouts and Form Wizard.
  • Offers both Basic Tables and Smart Tables.
  • Google Maps, Leaflet Maps, Bubble Maps and Line Maps.
  • Sign In, User Profile and 404 Error Pages.
  • Multi level Menu.
  • Easily customizable.
CoreUI view CoreUI on mobile
  • Free Bootstrap Admin template, supports most popular frameworks.
  • SCSS and JavaScript source files included.
  • Responsive, mobile and cross browser compatibility.
  • Beautifully handcrafted UI components.
  • Theme colors can be customized.
  • Components library includes accordion, breadcrumbs, cards, carousel and more.
  • Buttons and dropdowns included.
  • Multiple Form layouts and controls.
  • Login and Error pages.
  • Free CoreUI icons and notifications.
Start Bootstrap view Start Bootstrap on mobile
  • Template with minimal custom styling and advanced development environment.
  • Default Bootstrap 5 styles.
  • Uses a variety of plugins.
  • SCSS-based theme with built-in scripts for compiling Pug and CSS.
  • Flexbox-based layout.
  • Fixed and static navigation options.
  • Togglebar side menu.
  • Custom panel styling.
  • Interactive charts and tables.
  • Many pages for Login, Registration, 404 and more.
AdminBSB view AdminBSB on mobile
  • Fully responsive Material design.
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.
  • Widgets for cards and info boxes.
  • User-friendly interface with choice of components.
  • Components include buttons, badges, breadcrumbs, animations and more.
  • Basic and advanced form elements included.
  • You’ll find normal and editable tables as well as JQuery datatables.
  • Image gallery and carousel for media display.
  • Multi-level menu.
  • Labels, Example pages and maps included.
Shards view Shards on mobile
  • Number of templates and components.
  • Lightweight and fully responsive.
  • 1500+ supported icons from both the FontAwesoms and Material icon packs.
  • Modern design system.
  • SCSS and Sketch files included.
  • Support for Basic Chart.js and datepicker.
  • Six page templates included.
  • User profile and error page templates.
  • Choice of six accent colors.
  • Well-suited for blogs.
Modular Admin view Modular Admin on mobile
  • Open source theme built in a modular fashion.
  • Editable items list for a quick overview.
  • Flow Charts and Morris Charts.
  • Static and responsive tables.
  • Forms with many elements and validation.
  • Buttons, Cards, Icons and Grid form part of the UI library.
  • More than five example pages.
  • Multiple menu levels.
  • Fixed or static header, sidebar, footer.
  • Choose from multiple color options.
Sufee Admin view Sufee Admin on mobile
  • Bootstrap 4 HTML5 dashboard template.
  • Responsive multi-page layout.
  • Collection of custom pages and widgets.
  • 10+ UI components.
  • UI components include charts, buttons, alerts and more.
  • Intuitive code for easy customization.
  • Google and vector maps.
  • Advanced forms.
  • CSS, SCSS and HTML files.
  • Dynamic features with minimal design.
Purple view Purple on mobile
  • Responsive Admin template built with Bootstrap 5.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Multiple ways to visualize data.
  • Buttons and typography constitute basic UI elements.
  • Material design icons.
  • Multiple form elements that include inline forms and checkbox controls.
  • Choose from 5+ chart formats.
  • Tables with contextual classes.
  • Five sample pages.
  • Clean and customizable.
Focus view Focus on mobile
  • Lightweight, responsive HTML5 Bootstrap admin template.
  • Two types of admin dashboards.
  • Extensive forms wizard feature to build your own forms.
  • Choice of jQuery charting libraries for data analysis.
  • Graph generation capability for simplified reporting.
  • Comes with a mailbox to manage emails.
  • Ability to edit every part of the page.
  • Minimal design with good UI.
  • Starter page includes all necessary features.
  • Modular design.
Berry view Berry on mobile
  • Free React Material-UI admin template.
  • Feature enriched, customizable pages.
  • Nine demo pages.
  • Fully responsive, supports modern browsers.
  • Simple folder structure.
  • Intuitive design.
  • Organized code structure.
  • Material UI components.
  • 1400+ fully customizable free SVG icons.
  • 1900+ React Material icons.
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