WPShout Sponsorship Opportunities

WPShout is one of the leading voices in the WordPress community. We’ve been teaching WordPress since 2009, and each week help thousands and thousands of people take their next steps with WordPress development.

We have two bespoke sponsorship opportunities available. Both are exclusive: you’ll be the only sponsor on WPShout during your sponsorship period. Each offers a fantastic opportunity to promote your product or service, WordPress-exclusive or not.

You’ll find details of the two tiers below. Here are your options:

Newsletter Tier Sponsorships

Our Newsletter Tier is perfect for reaching our subscribers and the WordPress community with your product or service. We offer the Newsletter Tier in a four-week block, during which you’ll occupy the only sponsor slot in the WPShout newsletter.

wpshout sponsorship newsletter spot

Newsletter sponsor section. Click to enlarge.

The WPShout newsletter goes out (almost) every week to 8,000+ subscribers, with a 25-35% open rate. Most of our subscribers are WordPress developers, and we have extensive reach into the WordPress community.

The price is $1000 for the four-week (or four mailings) sponsorship period.

Deluxe Tier Sponsorships

Our Deluxe Tier is for WordPress businesses who want to maximize their reach to our readers and the WordPress community. With Deluxe, you’ll be the only advertiser on WPShout and in our newsletter.

Deluxe includes the Newsletter Tier, plus exclusive access to WPShout.com:

  • Advertisement at the end of all posts on WPShout for your sponsorship period (we receive roughly 50,000 visitors/month).
  • A permanent post thanking you for your sponsorship, posted as a link post which displays prominently on our homepage and the full text goes out in our weekly newsletter. This can include up to 3 links of your choice, a short description of your product(s) which you’ll provide and we’ll edit, and will remain on WPShout permanently.

The price is $3,000 for the four-week sponsorship period.

Any questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help: [email protected].

Ready to book? Reserve your sponsorship slot today! Click here for a pre-written email, or email us at [email protected].