A Refreshingly Simple Guide To Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces is a single-column, responsive and media-rich WordPress theme which allows you — and your readers — to focus on the content.


Empty Spaces works great out of the box provided you're ready for it. The theme relies heavily on big imagery, and so kinda need that imagery in place for the theme to work. That means lots of featured images and images that are big enough.

If you're retrospectively adding featured images, the Auto Featured Images plugin will be a big help. Note that images should be 880px wide to fit in the theme. Images can be any height, but around 400 or 500px works best.

If you'd like to use featured videos instead of featured images, the "Replace Featured Images With Video" plugin will let you do this. Empty Spaces supports the plugin out of the box, so just put in your video embed code (at 880px wide) and you're done.


There's one widget area in Empty Spaces: in the header. As you'll see in the screenshot above, I'm using this widget area as a little bio section via a text widget, but do whatever you want here. Some widgets won't look great at the top of a theme, so just see what works.


As a simple and straightforward theme, Empty Spaces doesn't have any formal support channels set up. If something's wrong with the theme, send an email to alex@wpshout.com and I'll take a look when I've got time.

If you need the theme customised or integrated into your site, I'm available for hire; drop me an email via my professional site — alexdenning.com.

Copyright & License

Simplicity is copyright Alex Denning and released, like WordPress, under GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL).

Thank you.