Join Our Free, Live Webinar This Thursday: Why Gutenberg Doesn’t Kill Page Builders (Yet)

A key feature we plan to offer in the WPShout Pro Community (currently available for pre-order!) is biweekly live, technical Deep Dive webinars.

These will be live learning events that go deep into a technical topic in WordPress development, with the content chosen and voted on by Pro Community members.

The Pro Community will help you take your WordPress development work further, by mixing expert access and community. These live webinars will be the embodiment of that: you get expert instruction from Fred, David, or an outside expert, on topics you help choose, and you can have your questions during the presentation answered live by posing them in text chat.

You’ll get a 50-minute presentation, with live chat as we go, followed by roughly half an hour for questions, discussion, and further exploration. Replays will be available for everything.

You’ll really, honestly benefit from the Pro Community. If you want to stop reading and pre-order now, here’s the link.

Join Us on Thursday for a Free Deep Dive on Gutenberg

Join us for a free preview of the Pro Community this Thursday, September 27th, at 12pm US Eastern! The link to sign up is here.

Fred will be presenting Why Gutenberg Doesn’t Kill Page Builders (Yet)Fred will talk about the practicalities of Gutenberg, and why you should still use page builders for your next project (for now).

Here’s the agenda for the 50 minute presentation:

  • What Gutenberg is, how it works, and what features it has at present.
  • How a (good) commercially available page builder works, and what features it has at present.
  • Why a good commercial builder is much better suited than Gutenberg for a variety of WordPress development tasks.
  • The future: how Gutenberg and builders will likely interact and compete with each other in the coming years.

We’ll be taking questions throughout, and we’ll have time for discussion, more questions, and any extra detail at the end. And it’s free! Here’s the link to register.

If you can’t make the time, register anyway and you’ll get a replay available afterwards. You won’t get to join in the live or interactive aspects, so do join us live if you can 🙂

And finally, here are the two next-steps links for you:

  1. Pre-order the Pro Community to master WordPress development
  2. Register for our free webinar on Gutenberg and page builders, this Thursday

Thanks for reading! We’ll see you on Thursday 😀