Up and Running in Three Weeks!

up and running ebook

It’s an exciting time for us. We’ve been putting together an e-book package on WordPress development for more than a year, and it’s almost ready. It’s called Up and Running: A Practical Guide to WordPress Development, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer it to the world.

We’ll be launching in three weeks, on June 16. Pre-order now for a 20% discount on any tier you choose!

What’s Up and Running is Made Of

Glad you asked! There’s an awful lot to it:

  1. A full e-book of around 30 chapters covering the core principles of WordPress development
  2. Detail-rich infographics that give a visual guide to key concepts in WordPress, such as the anatomy of a WordPress theme
  3. Over 50 tutorial screencasts covering WordPress basics, as well as theme and plugin development
  4. A really exciting piece: expert interviews with 13 of the world’s best WordPress developers, from Daniel Bachhuber to Helen Hou-Sandí to Pippin Williamson

…And lots more!

How It’ll Help You

Up and Running makes learning WordPress development clear, logical, and quick, saving you dozens of hours of confusion.

With Up and Running, you’ll find that learning WordPress development can be clear, logical, and quick.

Many sources of WordPress learning rely on tacit knowledge: things that are obvious only to the author. This is why learning WordPress—even trying to answer simple questions—so often feels like falling into the deep end of the pool.

Up and Running won’t put you through that problem. You’ll get an extensive, plain-language exploration of core principles and concepts, before moving onto advanced development practices—everything will make sense based on what’s come before.

Up and Running also engages all the best ways of learning WordPress development: crisply written text chapters, beautiful and intuitive diagrams and infographics, crystal-clear video tutorials, and in-depth expert interviews. You won’t just read about WordPress development—you’ll see, hear, understand, and do it.

The end result: you’ll learn WordPress deeply while saving dozens of hours of confusion. We guarantee it.

Check it Out!

So today’s article is really an invitation to check out the package’s site at upandrunningwp.com. We’ve got free samples of the book content up here, so enjoy those nuggets of WordPress learning.

We’re super-excited to be launching Up and Running—we can’t wait to show it to you! If you’re as excited as we are, pre-order now, and you’ll save money come June 16th.

As always, thanks for reading WPShout!

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