Free Webinar: Understanding Today’s CSS with Algorithms, With Lara Schenck

Last week Fred hosted our first Pro Community-style webinar, on Why Gutenberg Doesn’t Kill Pagebuilders (Yet). We really enjoyed it. It was fantastic to connect more deeply with¬†WPShout readers, and we’ve had very generous and kind feedback on the quality of the teaching and value of the format.

And we did it again this week! Freelance front-end and WordPress developer Lara Schenck hosted Understanding Today’s CSS with Algorithms.

Lara is an expert developer, excellent speaker, and runs the meetup in Los Angeles. She and David met at Loop Conf (may it rest is peace) this year.

Please have a look at the webcast recording! Lara covered:

  • What is a programming language and what kind is CSS?
  • How CSS is implemented in the browser
  • An overview of browser mechanics and rendering
  • What algorithms look like in CSS
  • How to write algorithms in CSS
  • Using algorithms to bridge the design and development gap

This is the kind of twice-monthly event we’ll be running as part of our new Pro Community, which is now available for pre-order here. If you want to master¬†WordPress development and never be “stuck” again, then take a look.

View the full recording of Lara’s talk here.