Up and Running Third Edition launches next week: still the best way to learn WordPress development

Our critically acclaimed “learn WordPress development” course Up and Running has been updated for 2018, and this update is launching next week alongside a lot of really excellent launch bonuses.

We first launched Up and Running back in 2015. Last year we updated it to a Second Edition, and this year we’re updating it again. This is our flagship course for learning WordPress development, and it has really helped a lot of people. We hope it can help you too.

Here’s what’s inside Up and Running

The course systematically teaches you everything you need in one clear, concise and critically acclaimed package. We designed the curriculum so it’s the only course on WordPress development you’ll ever need.

We start with core principles, and advance into specific practices, both the basics and the advanced. You can test your mastery of each topics with fun end-of-chapter quizzes, and succinct chapter summaries. There’s even a fun summary limerick for each chapter which readers love :)

Up and Running is both thorough and searchable. Whether you need general concepts, specific practices, or both, it’s all there, easy to find and with 0% fat.

You’ll learn WordPress development, properly, wholly, and quickly.

The course is really good: it leverages our collective two decades of WordPress development experience, in an accessible learning style honed whilst helping thousands of people learn WordPress development online.

Readers typically really love the course, and find it helps them get to where they want to be as a WordPress developer. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but very rarely have to use it.

Plus, we have packages to fit all budgets. Here’s specifically what will be on offer for the 2018 Edition.

Deluxe: the ultimate choice for learning WordPress development

Deluxe is our most popular choice for learning WordPress development. You get the full eBook, accompanying video tutorials for each chapter, and five bonus video series:

  • Writing a Plugin (17 videos)
  • Creating a Child Theme (16 videos)
  • Creating a Theme from Scratch (28 videos)
  • A WordPress Crash Course (4 videos)
  • The Fifteen-Minute Guides to PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (4 videos)

Along with the eBook, these offer the complete WordPress development education.

You can also see inside the thought processes of WordPress experts, with video code walk-throughs with 13 of the world’s best WordPress developers. These provide detailed and practical code walkthroughs and advice from literally world-leading experts.

If you want the complete education in WordPress development, get the Deluxe package of Up and Running.

Deluxe is $197, with free lifetime updates included. Plus, if you buy next week we’ll bundle over $200 of WordPress bonuses, including products from Beaver Builder, ManageWP, WP101, and Caldera Forms.

Premium: a full introduction to WordPress development

Premium gets your access to the full eBook and accompanying video tutorials for each chapter, plus two introductory bonus video series:

  • A WordPress Crash Course (4 videos)
  • The Fifteen-Minute Guides to PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (4 videos)

This makes Premium a perfect choice for those starting from scratch: you can get started with the two bonus series, and then run through the book using the accompanying videos to get a full understanding of each chapter.

Premium is $147, with free lifetime updates included. We’ll also include a selection of the launch bonuses, including bonus courses from WP101 and WP Apprentice.

Core: the full Up and Running eBook

Core offers the full eBook with 40+ chapters of expert WordPress development teaching, and excellent value. You don’t get any bonuses, but you do get an excellent text to get you started with WordPress development.

Core is $67, with free lifetime updates included.

Up and Running: the best possible education in WordPress development

The latest Edition of Up and Running is the product of many years of work. It’s really good, and we’re really proud of it because we know it can really help you.

This new Third Edition update for 2018 explains how WordPress developers should anticipate changes to the technical landscape of Gutenberg, and the likely practical implications of Gutenberg.

Note, this isn’t a complete Gutenberg-themed rewrite of the course, as too much about Gutenberg is unknown (even by the people building it!) at this stage. For now, we’re updating with how the landscape is likely to change. We will, however, update the course in the future as this picture becomes clearer. All customers get future updates free :)

Up and Running’s Third Edition launches next Monday March 19th at 10am US Eastern. The $200+ of launch bonuses for every Deluxe buyer will only be available next week. We’ll do a quick post here when sales open!

In the meantime, for any queries about the course, just hit leave a comment or drop us an email. Thanks for reading :)

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