An incredible deal for Up and Running’s Third Edition

Earlier this week we announced the upcoming Third Edition launch of our critically acclaimed “learn WordPress development” course Up and Running. This new Edition adds new Gutenberg content, and updates the course for 2018.

You can get the new Third Edition from Monday, and today we’re announcing a launch bonus to sweeten the deal.

We have two pretty amazing bonuses on offer if you buy Up and Running in our launch period, which runs from Monday March 19th to 7pm US Eastern on Friday March 23rd.

You can get hold of $350+ of bonus WordPress products when you buy, and a chance to win a pool of $5,000+ of three of the best WordPress plugins.

It’s a pretty incredible deal, and includes some of the best WordPress products you can buy. Here’s how it breaks down.

We’re offering Premium-tier buyers everything they’d normally get: the full eBook, accompanying videos for each chapter, and two introductory video series, plus $100+ of bonus courses: any individual course from WP101, and a copy of eCommerce Quick Start from WP Apprentice ($100+ value).

We’re offering Deluxe-tier buyers the full Up and Running package, including the above and another three video series, and we have a huge set of bonuses on offer – with $350+ of value for every single customer:

  • The two free courses mentioned above: any individual course from WP101, and eCommerce Quick Start from WP Apprentice
  • $20 free credit from ManageWP (you can’t have claimed this , or a similar offer, before to use this).
  • 1-site standard copy of MailOptin, an email optin plugin.
  • 1 year free licence to Inline Tweet Sharer Premium.
  • 1-site, 1-year Personal backup service Powered by BlogVault + security service powered by MalCare (combined package).

Those will be available to every single Deluxe buyer. Buying all of these individually would cost $350+. Plus, we have $5,000+ of WordPress plugins which we’ll be randomly allocating to Deluxe buyers:

We’ll raffle these to all new Deluxe buyers after the launch window closes.

And, of course, all existing Up and Running customers will get the new Third Edition free of charge, and we’re making some of the bonuses available too 🙂

Up and Running Third Edition launches on Monday March 19th, and these bonuses will be available until the Friday after only. The new Edition adds Gutenberg content, and updates the course for 2018. If you want to learn WordPress development, this offer packages the best course you can get, with an incredible set of WordPress bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Our thanks to our bonus partners for making this such an attractive offer. If you have any queries, do get in touch 🙂