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Using WP_Query Your First Time: A Shortcode to Show Post Titles

Using WP_Query for the first time can be scary. If you’re an established programmer who is well acquainted with object-oriented programming, it’s pretty easy. But if you’re not you need to use WordPress’s looping concept, and an object, for the first time, and it’s a lot to take in. Don’t get overwhelmed. Copying and pasting the first few (dozen) times is how everyone learns. My hope is that the video gives you some understanding though:

WP_Query vs query_posts() vs get_posts()

This is not a new resource, but I just rediscovered and found it still incredibly relevant. Back in 2011, Andrey “Rarst” Savchenko put together a little diagram that shows the difference between three of the most common ways of dealing with getting posts in WordPress, a new WP_Query object, or the query_posts() or get_posts() functions.

Using WP_Query Objects Without the Loop

Bookshelf WP_Query

I really enjoyed David’s article from a few weeks ago on the basics of functional programming as it applies to WordPress’s nested data structures. One of the nice things about working with him is that I learn a lot, too. Today, I want to continue exploring the somewhat-functional world David introduced, and suggest some freer ways of interacting with a very important entity in WordPress: the WP_Query object.