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How to Log In To Your WordPress Site

Logging in to WordPress is pretty fundamental to the whole editing experience. But I’ve always found it a little confusing and complicated, if I’m honest. I’ve been at this so long that I now have an easy time finding the log in page on any WordPress site. But if you’re struggling to log into your WordPress site, there are really three different ways to get to it. I cover them all in the video:

Do the WordPress Wiggle

WordCamp Denver was last weekend. And it was a really great event which I would recommend that everyone try to get to in future years. I got to hang out lots of nice friends, old and new, and it was a very good (and tasty) time. But the most sharable highlight is definitely a song commissioned by Zack Katz of GravityView, by the artist Jonathan Mann who may be best known as “Song-a-Day Mann.” It’s *real* catchy, and it’s all about WordPress:

What WordPress Teaches Us About Software Ecosystems

WordPress is, without a doubt, one of the most successful pieces of software of all time. Sure, Microsoft’s Office and Windows are both more influential. Apple’s iOS is huge, as is Google’s Android. Linux is no chump either. But WordPress is relevant to all those platforms and more. And it has about the same name recognition to boot. If people can name a single piece of web infrastructure technology today, there’s a good chance of WordPress being the one they know. (Not counting Facebook as infrastructure.)

What We Learned at WordCamp Boston 2013

We had a wonderful time at WordCamp Boston 2013. The presentations were absolutely fantastic, and pushed our understanding of WordPress in ways that were both deeply thought-provoking and immediately helpful. Toward the beginning of the weekend, we decided to write up the whole experience for people who (a) weren’t there and (b) can’t sit through the 20+ hours of video that would deliver the full experience. So below are our succinct notes on WordCamp Boston 2013, starting with the “second keynote” by WordPress 3.7 lead developer Andrew Nacin.